Pulled fuel tank for new sender and clean up


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Aug 29, 2014
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Since the gauge was new I added a new fuel sender as well. But to get to it you have to jack the back of the car up about 1 and a half feet to get under there (with jack stands of course). Then disconnect the three rubber hoses, two vent, and one fuel feed line. Keep those to use to measure new hoses. The rubber is 5/16" Fuel line and 1/4" vent line. Next remove the sending unit wire off the threaded post of the sending unit. Then remove two 9/16 bolts with nuts hold the tank straps and one Philips screw holds the tank snorkel. (by the way good idea to empty the tank before you do this, mine still had 5 gallons that would not siphon out but I was able to handle it ok. (5x7lbs=35 lbs) Then I Rotated the tank a little to the drivers side to get the tang on the snorkel through the hole at back of car but after that the straps supported the back of the tank and she came down nice and easy. As you bring the tank down a piece of thick black paper resembling roofing paper may come down with it or stay up, either way inspect it as it is necessary to insulate the bare tank from the bare metal of the truck area. Mine was in good shape. If you do replace it with roofing paper I recommend doubling the thickness to match. I cleaned and painted the tank on top and put a new layer of undercoat on the bottom. Thanks and Mopar ON.

Tank after removal.JPG

Tank 2.JPG

Cleaned up top of tank.JPG

New Undercoat on Fuel Tank.JPG

Tank inside.JPG