Radio Knob Measurements


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Feb 28, 2011
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I am working on 3D printing some knobs for a bluetooth project of mine and want to practice both basic and period correct styles. I'm thinking radio knobs would be a good goal. But I dont have any examples anymore. Sold the radios I had. So I'm looking for someone with a caliper and camera to take a few up close pics and give dimensions (in mm) of the various diameters and depths. Plus measurements of the shaft. If there is a D shaped shaft I need details on that too.

Because I really cant chrome anything I was thinking later knobs that had less chrome in them. Like the complicated ones below that I already started without any real dimensions. But certainly if there are any problem or rare knobs I could practice with them - what is actually needed. I guess if you got extra crappy knobs I might buy them. My goal is to make a smaller version of a real knob for my bluetooth project but might as well make replacements as well. Thanks for any help.


Thanks. I may just take you up on that offer. I'll PM you next week if it comes to that.