SOLD **REBUILT** BUDD Disc Brake Calipers. 1966-69 Chrysler C Body Cars, & Imperial.

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Nov 14, 2015
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I have this pair of BUDD disc brake, 4 piston calipers, that were used on the 1966-69 Chrysler line of cars, back in the day, as optional equipment.

I have had these calipers for untold years and years, in my stash of parts, and never did anything with them, until now.
This is the 2nd pair that i rebuilt, and now have for sale.
I do not intend to do any more of these BUDD calipers, so this will be it for me.

I was able to purchase rebuild kits, from a very nice, great member, here on this forum, that enabled me to put them back together.

They have been cleaned up, soaked out in a pail of Evasporust, bringing them, back to bare metal condition, then painted up with cast iron grey, high heat paint.
The caliper bores themselves, honed out great.
And then, the new kits, installed.
This pair of calipers has pads that i would estimate at having 60% - 70% lining left on them.
Knowing how expensive pads are to purchase, if you can find them, consider this rebuilt pair for sale at a slightly higher cost, than my previous pair, that sold.

Boy, what a learning curve for me rebuilding these BUDD's.
First time for me taking apart, and then putting a pair back together again.
Getting stuck pistons out of their bores was an innovated, messy procedure, but worked ok.
I have done lots of KELSEY HAYES, A body disc brake calipers, and BENDIX, B body disc brake calipers, from time to time.

Selling this pair at $550.00
I will mail them out in two, USPS, large flat rate boxes, at $50.00, insuring the packages.
Boy, oh boy. Are these things Heavy?

For payment, i accept Pay Pal, or a good old fashioned, postal money order.

Any one interested, please send me a pm through this forum, then we both can go from there.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

Please see my other ads for other BUDD disc brake parts that are related to use with these disc brake calipers.

BUDD CALIPERS 2nd Pair 001 (Small).JPG

BUDD CALIPERS 2nd Pair 002 (Small).JPG

BUDD CALIPERS 2nd Pair 003 (Small).JPG

BUDD CALIPERS 2nd Pair 004 (Small).JPG

BUDD CALIPERS 2nd Pair 005 (Small).JPG

BUDD CALIPERS 2nd Pair 006 (Small).JPG
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Have they been pressure tested for leaks? Does your rebuild come with any sort of warranty?
Have they been pressure tested for leaks? Does your rebuild come with any sort of warranty?
That's a valid question that i will answer, reply to.

In all the years that i have been rebuilding BENDIX, KELSEY HAYES, 4 piston caliper, and now these BUDD's, i never had an issues with any of them that has been sold to a customer.
Buy ya, i know your probably thinking, there's always a first time.
If ever a problem comes about, i will fix it, plain and simple.
Get it back to me, and then i will look into it, no expense on your end.

Then your other question.
No, i do not have any machine, or any way to "pressure test" a rebuilt caliper after i get finished up with them.
I doubt any parts store caliper that you buy, ever goes thru that kind of process anyway, at the manufacturing, rebuilding level.

Might i ask of you, are you interested in purchasing a pair of calipers from me, or just asking?
Jim V.
Just asking. The outfit that I have bought S.S. Sleeved calipers from is a local rebuilder and they pressure test and warranty them.
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