Remember when?

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Rite of passage brand for me in the mid-1960's. Brand might still be around today but this one to my memory is the 50's-60's vintage (on ebay).

Became old enough (physical dexterity) to "operate" them, to (under adult supervision) light the gas stove burner AND oven in the kitchen, light the patio grille, and to get grounded for doing all that without permission.

map 3AC.png
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Dunno brands where others grew up, but 1st grade I got this one .. used it though 4th grade. Metal case, kept in my "flip top" desk


not mine, but the family album has mine kindergarten - 6th grade (junior high back then started 7th grade)
I remember these desks.. and even some earlier ones that were bolted to the floor and the top didn't raise.

The memory it brings back though is a little graphic... I was in third or fourth grade and my buddy Scott sat next to me. He lived up on the next block from me and we were pretty good buddies. Anyway... We're sitting there and he turns to me and says "John, I really don't feel too good".... and before I could say anything, he raised the top of the desk and vomited... A lot... A whole lot. To this day I remember it dripping from the drain hole in the bottom of the desk....

The teacher was pissed.... I thought it was hilarious, but I was 9 or 10 at the time. Of course, my level of humor is still like I'm 9 or 10, but that's beside the point.

Automotive content... Scott's Dad worked for GM at the Fisher Body plant.

The ice man delivering blocks of iced for the ice box.
Discovering a frog or small fish flopping around in the ice box after they thawed from the block of river ice.
Milk delivery to the door by the milk man and his horse drawn milk wagon.
The root cellar stocked with preserves and root veggies.
The kitchen wood burning range with a hot water tank on the side provided all meals and heat for the whole house.
Kitchen sink with the pump handle for water.
Copper tub for baths using hot water from kitchen range. All baths were in the kitchen.
Oil lamps for light at night, nothing electric.
Dual seat outhouse out back.
Cistern collected rain water for all none potable water use.
Crank phone/party line, crank for operator.
One room school house.
No TV, no stations.
No radio, no stations except some at night, for Cisco Kid, Scarlet Pimpernell, Lone Ranger, Roy Rodgers, Zorro etc
Life was a heck of a lot less complicated back then.

The above are my recollections from the time I lived in Vienna, Ontario and attended grade 1. Interestlying, the house was high on a hill and the school was high on an opposite hill, so walking to school meant slogging through the weather, up hill both ways! My Aunt Grace would walk everyday, regardless of weather, down the long hill to town, check her mail and return. At the time she was 100 years young and eventually passed on at 104. As an aside to illustrate how the world operated back then, when Grace was in her early 20's she succumbed o the advances of a carpetbagger (travelling bible salesman) and 9 month later a son was born. The town treated her with total scorn for nearly 80 years until her death. As far as I know, she never hooked up with anyone ever again, very sad.

Times sure have changed.
Times have changed for sure... I am considered a senior citizen and I can't say I have experienced any of these other than going to a remote early 1900's cabin for a family vacation. B 4 my time mostly.
Remember this fad? Great story, a good buddy of mine was a bit of a daredevil back in high school (1974 or so) We convinced him that our school Christmas concert would be a great opportunity to streak the school. He agreed and after a few bravery fumes in the parking lot, doffed all his gear, put a brown paper bag over his head, and snuck over to the entrance to the gym which was packed with about 1000 students, teachers and parents. My other friend, who was situated at the far end of the gym beside the exit, told him, you sprint across the front of the stage, and when you get to the exit door, I'll swing it open and you just coast through. Head for the guys change room and we'll all take a hike. Good to go. I opened the entrance door, he jogged across the gym, jewels a flopping, and yelling "I love Mrs Cassidy" who was a really hot art teacher" Of course when he got to the exit, my pal was holding the door shut, and he crashed face first into it, knocking himself almost cold. Pretty damn funny, but unfortunately no videos exist. Would be different today.

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Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. Had this old rotary phone for a while and now I've found a guy local to me that sells pulse-tone-converters!

This tiny print is all it took and now I can hook it up to my modem and place outgoing calls. VoIP compatible, I thought it's pretty neat.