For Sale Reproduction, Correct 1971 Sport Fury GT Stripe Kits - $750.00

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Mar 11, 2017
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It has been a while since I posted anything on these stripe kits and the membership keeps growing so I thought I would post this information again.

I have Correct Reproduction '71 Sport Fury GT Stripe Kits Available.

$750.00 shipped in the U.S. International shipping available for additional cost. These are made to order. Talk to me at Carlisle at swap meet space J179, opposite the end of the aisle that runs along side building T.

M myself and Fury Pursuit, a well known C Body and GT enthusiast/collector and member of this forum have the ONLY 100% correct reproduction 1971 Sport Fury GT stripe kits available for purchase individually. These kits are made to order so delivery will take at least a few weeks. They are available in either white or black and we can have gold stripe kits made as well.

Our kits are made with the correct 3M vinyl reflective strobe stripes and GT quarter panel decals and semi-gloss hood stripes and decals and are precision cut based on a proprietary computer program that Fury Pursuit and the print shop that is producing the kits for us developed.

No one else is currently offering correct stripe kits for '71 GT's (unless you can afford to buy a minimum of 10 kits). For those familiar with Dave A's green sunroof GT, Magnum Auto Restorations had to pull in a lot of favors to have the stripe kit made for his car and I learned from both Dave and Mark, the owner of Magnum Restorations that the company that made the stripes for Dave's car will NOT make any more 71 GT stripe kits at any price.

I have spent well more than $1,000.00 and countless hours have been invested to get a correct template made for the production of the 71 GT stripe kits. In producing the template for these stripe kits, several 71 GT's were used for reference including my former B7 GT, which has most of its original stripes on it, the April Green GT restored in CT a long time ago that had handmade stripes and decals made based on the original stripes on the car (both of these cars are now owned by the same person and photos of the April Green 71 GT have been posted on various sites), body parts with original stripes and an older restoration with a correct reproduction stripe kit that is owned by by my friend and partner in this en-devour.

These stripe kits are complicated and expensive to make as they use up a lot of material. The blocks that form the stripes change in size as they go down the side of the car, which required a LOT of measuring.

Questions are welcomed. If you don't know me, please check out my feedback on eBay, user ID FURYGT. Send me a message or post a replay here with any questions.

I am not a business and I do not have a website. I am just a C Body and Sport Fury GT enthusiast.


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