For Sale "restored" 1969 Polara convertible, $3,500

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Maybe he got the words restored and retarded mixed up
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Painting the water pump housing black, is painting the bottom of the engine? Oh wait.... is that even paint? Maybe oil??

MSD dizzy in ad, yet looks to be a factory dizzy in the pics.
Pics for posterity...











If the mismatched mirrors are reflective of the approach to "restoration" this one merits caution. Here is the blurb.

HI my name is matt im selling my 69 Dodge polara 500 convertible i had this car for 5 and a half years i had it restored all rust repair new floor bords quarter panels and more put a new engine in it it Had a 318 sall block now has a 440 big block special oilpan and msd distributor and ignition for spark tranny rebuilt has posi rear end engine compartment and botton half of block is painted was gonna Chrome top half of engine that's why it's not painted it runs and drives new muffler exhaust system duals everything works in vehicle heater radio Windows the convertible top works perfec. I have all trim piece what it needs is Driveline balanced carpet kit interioR is really not that bad top was perfect. But from sitting split at this one trim piece it un bolts and u can put a nother piece on its like a add on piping piece not really serious and brakes need bleeding. But it stops i drove it from Seattle to Tacoma like it is and nees paint car has no dents. if you are a Mopar Guy this is the car for you I have over $10,000 in this car I do not have the money to keep storing or finished the little things that it needs now so I need to sell it your gain my loss Feel free to call me
How can the roof work perfectly when there is white oil bottles and garbage in the roof well and he just lowers the roof on all that crap. No wonder it won’t go down flat. To me it’s a $500 dollar car. Total misrepresentation. There I feel much better now.
This would be a really pretty car if it was done right, Love the paint color.
Radiator hose still has the sticker on it, thats all the proof I need!!
looks like a truck motor with the center dump manifolds on it,did they come with that rocker molding treatment never seen it before
This would be a really pretty car if it was done right, Love the paint color.

I agree Matt.. This Polara could be a killer with the right amount of love.. (I actually like it as is..!)

It looks a lot better than my 300 already.. :-D

Merry Xmas everybody
At least the corners are round.. close enough.. ;-)

I bought some, (correct style fuselage PS side mirrors) from a Canadian guy around 2008.. and I remember I thought they might be generic copies.. They were remote operated, and had extremely long cables. Would reach all the way across, and could be mounted somewhere in the dash, in front of the driver. Anyone here ever saw such "copy parts" ? He also sold seat switches.. (bench type).. I bought a pair, thinking I could retrofit them into my "bucket bezels".. Never got around to it! The switches were also new, but had "a funny feeling" abt those too..
It's priced a little on the high side.... But it looks solid and hmmm... a Polara 500 vert in what looks like B3 blue?

It is a project and some of the challenge may be undoing things the present owner has done, but it could be a great car when finished. An up close look would be in order.

I'll bet you could buy it for $2k...
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