S23 plague project

I just now found this thread, and needless to say I am now definitely following the build as I am a BIG 1970 Sport Fury S/23 and GT fan. Congratulations on saving such a rare car, and getting it back on the road. Although my favorite color is blue, I really like that color combo of your car.

Regarding your engine, you have a Lo-Po (low performance) 383-2 barrel car.

As others mentioned I would highly recommend joining the registry.

I am looking forward to seeing more progress soon, please keep us updated and best of luck!

Probably a waste of time but what recycler have you been sending your parts cars too? I may want to reach out to see if they are continuing to part them or if they've crushed them.
Late to this thread but going through your posts I must say it is a pleasure watching someone with your skills and ability go to work. I will be monitoring this thread with interest. :thumbsup:
Happy to see there is some interest in my work so far. Yes I will keep updating as I progress. As earlier mentioned I will be running a 440 in it and will save the original motor and components. As for parts cars, I try to sell or trade what I can locally. I don’t have a proper storage facility and garage space is at a premium so I send to crusher if no interest. Shipping big items anywhere, even within Canada is challenging and seems everyone looking for the same rare parts that are already missing or no good. Wish I could say differently, but that is my reality.
Finally had some nice weather that I could leave garage door open,so I did a little body and paint work. Epoxy primer, highbuild then single stage original torch red.
440 Engine is built and am just waiting for plague restrictions to lift so I can go pick it up. Will pick away at the car on rainy days so not sure how much more I will get done this summer.
Used bedliner and misted grey primer in trunk to try to match original speckled factory finishView attachment 460386
View attachment 460387

I am sure that you know that the spatter paint color is too light in color compared to what the factory used in 1970. Just in case you are not aware, the area around the spare tire mount, the trunk floor extensions areas should be in the body color. The trunk compartments were painted the same color as the car and then the spatter paint was sloppily applied on the inner quarters, wheelhouses and the main section of the trunk floor at the factory.

Raptor and others have a bed liner that can be tinted to any color. I just had the Raptor product mixed up in the same factory silver as my 2021 Ram 2500 and it is a great match and there is even a little metallic in the bed liner material.
Thanks for the trunk advise. I am amazed at the knowledge of people on this forum. The factory techniques are something that really puts a restoration over the top and is not always easily copied. Always a good day when you learn something.
Mrs. Billet

I just posted pics of my original 1971 trunk. The link is just in case you needed a reference.

I am sorry Cuda hunter but I am not convinced that your trunk compartment is completely original as it does not match up with what I have seen on other original truck compartments. There should not be body color paint on that much of the inner quarter panels and the color of the spatter paint appears to be too light. Then there are the black paint marks.
Thanks for telling me. Just opened that trunk up and I'm new to this. I did notice how it was different from a few others.
Here is latest progress on S 23 over the past summer. Installed the 440, small town shop rebuilt original rad and added an extra row of cooling. Did some hood repair and made a front valence out of two. Insulated roof and got headliner in.








Finally got my parts after 18 months to finish my other project so pushed S23 outside. Seats are almost finished and over winter I will repair dash, source exhaust, gas tank , rear springs and get at it again and at some point next year hope to fire it up.

I had planned on working on the car earlier but once warm weather hit, I loaded camper and was travelling until mid Sept. My only helper is slowing down and takes lots of breaks!

So mostly finished interior. Made new rear door panels out of 1/8 inch birch plywood. Vinyl flattened out with a little heat and with new carpet will do. Also msde a package tray out of 1/8 inch masonite. Bent it with dimpled side out and sanded that side a bit , then painted.






Installed new interior, carpets and didnt realize passenger bucket reclines. It was’nt working when I took to upholster shop



Last thing I got done was newTTI exhaust, fuel tank, new front window and rear diff. TTI went on real nice. Had to shorten one piece and modify one bracket. Rear end was a bit of a mixup on some bearings snd seals. I wanted to get it back in before snow came and made it by one day. Hope to push back into shop if it works out to finish dash, front brakes and whatever else. We shall see if I can fit it in amongst other projects.