S23 plague project

I am also almost done a 1970 ford torino convertible. Not as bad as cbody for parts but close. Waiting for weatherstripping. When I get tired of grease I switch to sawdust. Restored an old 1950ish freighter canoe and will start on a chestnut my dad bought me in 1975. Plus always making grandkids things. Almost as bad as working again!




Are those recent photos? Is there snow already in Canada?
Hey Marv, yes that was yesterday. Had a real nice fall but Alberta Klipper rolling in and forcasting snow until next wednesday. Parts of Alberta and Sask already white

Thanks Fratzog. I enjoy and am grateful I can do these things. I spent most of winter on a doll house, a canoe, and a hibatchi bbq. I also found time to do dash for car.




I replaced all four speakers in car system and covered with a dash cap.Also put in 140 speedo. Am/8 track was converted to am/fm in original radio body. Couldnt find woodgrain for dash insert so made one out of oak. Not original but looks ok







Now spring and working in blue sky garage which I prefer. Started 440, broke cam in and for first time in 39 years 193767 hit the road.





So I did what i set out to do. My guess is 39 years ago , this car was buried and stuck somewhere. Tranny was slammed drive to reverse until it was cooked. Naturally when car quit moving you rev until you bend pushrods now engine also broke and then it sat until now. Still have some tinkering but can do as I drive.



Thanks to everyone who helped with parts and advise for this project. It was all worth it first time opened her up on open road , windows down, big block and duals. Best sound in the world. Last thing I will put on is window washer bottle once I am done for sure under the hood! I hear they are hard to come by!

great job bringing this car back!! And it looks great just the way it is now. Hope you enjoy the hell out of it !!
I just discovered this and read the whole thing.
Excellent work!
You also mentioned something I figured some uys would need to do - do some rust repair on donor panels before putting them on.
Can't let a little rust stand in the way of a much better panel.
i am enjoying it Marv. Summers are short here and I try to cram as much things as I can before winter. I will be able to start using it way earlier next year.
Thanks Fury fan. You are right. The air cleaner, carb, exhaust manifolds, tranny and valve covers are all from a 69 fury. I set aside the original 383 block, 2 barrel intake,air cleaner, exhaust manifolds and single exhaust hangers. Next guy can restore to original if they want.
That's right, you mentioned the 69 VIP had a 383hp.
When will 'the next guy' get a chance to buy? You're not planning on selling, are you?