Set of Four H-70 15 GOODYEAR POLYGLAS Tires


Oct 22, 2011
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For sale is a very hard to find set of four H-70 15 GOODYEAR POLYGLAS tires. These tires are all in very good condition , they were manufactured in the 5th week of 1974 and have "BLEM" hot stamped into the tires on the back side, I have not noticed any imperfections on the tires aside from age. The tires have been stored in a conditioned space inside of opaque plastic bags for many years. I bought these tires with the intention of using them as "Show" tires but never ended up going through with that. I have not cleaned these tires up with any chemicals or soap while they have been in storage.

The price of the tires is $2800 plus whatever shipping would be to your zip code. If you are interested you must understand that these tires are 46 years old and are for show purposes only, they are not legal for street use so they are being sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied.

Message me with questions and I will get back with you as soon as I am able. I will furnish additional pictures upon request.

So how are they illegal for street use??

No reputable tire shop will mount a tire that is more than ten years old. There was pending legislation, but I don't thing it passed yet. The big reason is liability, the tire shop can be on the hook if they mount an old tire that fails shortly afterwards.

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Old tires that have never been used can look exactly like brand new ones, the tread looks great and the stickers may still be on them but often what you don't see on the surface can be where the risk is. Regardless of tread depth and outward appearances a tire that has never been mounted and is just sitting in a controlled environment away from UV light still ages, usually more slowly than one that is mounted on a car but it still ages. When tires reach a certain age the structural integrity degrades and the rubber begins to dry out and crack. That makes it unsafe for road use because you run the risk of a blow out, the tire falling apart, or your car losing traction. This degradation usually starts at around 6 years of age, although the aging process can be accelerated by heat and sunlight. Think about if you took a rubber band that's been sitting in a drawer for a long time and stretch it, you will see cracks in the rubber.

This is why I am making sure that anyone who might be interested in these tires understands what they are looking at. Forewarned is forearmed, I personally was going to mount these tires with tubes on a separate set of rims and only use them for showing the car.
This is why I am making sure that anyone who might be interested in these tires understands what they are looking at.

You have been very clear that these are *show car* or perhaps *museum only* tires. I would love to have a set of actual driver tires to properly replace the reproduction F-70 15s on my car, but that seems unlikely.
I hear what all of you are saying, but I'll relate my experience. Dad bought a brand new '59 Plymouth, 6 passenger, 318-4,pushbutton, no air, to make our trip from Pa., to Cali. We did it two years back to back, '59 & '60. Before we left in '59, dad had driven the car, probably 2-3weeks and didn't like the Goodyears. He put Kelly's on before we left and stored the the basement. Eight years later I mounted these same tires on a '56 Custom Royal, 4 Dr., 315 ss, and ran them for another 6-7years. Stopped driving the car and stored it. In '18 I sold the car, still had the same tires and still holding air. In fact Dad's' 55 Coronet, 2dr, 270 ss/with od, 2tone blue which I have, still has the original wide whites on it and still holding air. Each to his own.
In typing to fast and on my tablet, and not rereading before posting, I made a mistake. The original tires he replaced ere Firestone.
For what it’s worth,...(yes I just typed that),....I bought a very nice set (5) Polyglas H70’s about four years ago $500 per tire, some NOS,... but that included shipping.

Your Sport Fury GT, 300-Hurst, Sport Van, Warlock or Shelby GT500 won’t look correct without them.

This appears to be a decent set, but not NOS, or low mile set. I would recommend contacting the owner and try and make a offer.

I would also recommend the Original Poster (OP as the kids say), try a little harder; post more detailed photos of each tire and condition.
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