Super-lite Electrical Broken Down


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Aug 9, 2013
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This is the factory (69) Super-lite wiring diagram simplified.
Not shown is the engine compartment side, feed to lights and from the battery.
One thing to note that although the wires are connected to the brake switch and dome light connector they serve no purpose, this is a shared power feed to those as well as the Super-lite.
8-84 - Instrument Panel (Super-lite) 2.png

Here is the same diagram energized with all the lights off. You will have power at those points.
8-84 - Instrument Panel (Super-lite) 2a.png

Now with the headlights on. Power going though the normally closed connection on the headlight relay, to pin 26 to the headlights.
8-84 - Instrument Panel (Super-lite) 2b.png

Now with the high-beams on. Now the power is going through the Super-lite switch in the off position (Super-lite off). This then energizes the headlight relay sending current to pin 27 and on to the highbeams.
8-84 - Instrument Panel (Super-lite) 2c.png

Lastly the Super-lite, with the Super-lite switch on the power is diverted to the Super-lite relay and the headlight relay reverts to the off position and connects power back to the headlights. The Super-lite relay is energized sending power to the pilot light and to pin 25 and on to the Super-lite.
8-84 - Instrument Panel (Super-lite) 2d.png

So for the Super-lite to work
A. Lights on
B. Brights on
C. Super-lite on (turning brights off)

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Mar 27, 2011
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As I recall from reading the literature on Super Lite, when the switch for it is turned on, the dimmer switch turns it on and off, in a similar fashion as the high beams would be used. With the Super Lite switch off, low beam and high beam operation via the dimmer switch is "normal".

The literature also indicated the SL beam was tight and defined, of a specified distance. An "intermediate beam" of sorts. For use when high beams couldn't be used, but more light was needed than the low beams supplied.

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