Syd Mead and Fabulon

Fuselage Years

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    Apr 5, 2021
    I apologize if this has been posted before. If some of you are not familiar with Syd Mead, you are in for a treat. He was the greatest visual futurist of all time. All of his work was done by hand, and having spoken with him numerous times, it was clear that design elements were thought through. Very little was left to chance in Syd's mind.
    His 1972 Chrysler Imperial was named "Fabulon", and did that ever fit. Syd passed away December 2019, and it's unknown what fate will befall Fabulon.
    Take a look here:

    "“The design is more organized than modern cars,” Mead says. “A lot of new cars look like they’re diving or in a permanent panic stop. Car designers worldwide tend to use a formulaic styling cue. If you took the badges off, you wouldn’t know who makes what.”"

    The man who designs the future drives a ‘72 Chrysler Imperial | Hagerty Media
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