temp sender wire melted


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Jan 27, 2022
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Edmonton Alberta Canada
the wire for the hot light (purple wire from sender) melted right up to bulk head connector. at the same time the starter relay stopped working coincidence?

is ipossible for the temp sending unit to short out?
rest of wires are good.
what would cause this wire to melt?
thanks in advance
The HOT light always comes on with the key as a test.
You should go beyond the bulkhead to see if there is any further damage.
Current flows to the least amount of resistance.
So check all wiring , you may find it may have grounded out.
Replace the sender and starter relay.
Also do the underhood ammeter bypass to avoud any further shorts.
Pm me if any questiona,hope this helps.
Sending unit is just for measuring resistance so no voltage through that to the dash then the IVR puts 5vdc to the guage. . Something else caused it. I would thoughoughly check out the starter wiring, sounds like a dead short caused it. I had a fire in one of mine because the throttle cable rubbed though part of the harness, do a good visual first before taking anything apart just to be sure it is nothing stupid like that.
Visual is always good, even on cars that don’t have a problem, catch it beforehand.