The hardest thing I've ever had to say. RIP Bob Urban

R.I.P. Bob, you will be missed.

I haven't talked to him in too long.

Thank you Stan.
Wow, I am saddened by the news of Bob's passing. He was an immense contributor here, and I especially appreciated his Milwaukee thread. I re-shared may of the places in Milwaukee that Bob posted with friends outside of FCBO.

And most importantly........... Bob, thank you for your service! :usflag:
Wow. Although I never did get to meet him, we exchanged emails over this forum and I will miss his voice here. Thanks to Stan for passing this information to the community.
I always enjoyed his posts, and I learned a lot about our mutual home town from his "Pabst Brewery and Mansion" thread. I really like the engine he put in his New Yorker - as much for the attitude as the aesthetics.

And most importantly - Thank you for your service!
I haven't been on the forum a lot lately and didn't know of Bob's passing. I saw the RIP at the bottom of Stan's posts and did some searching. I never got the chance to meet Bob, but wanted to. I have a sister in law in Maryland around the same area that Bob lived. I told him when I got out that way I would like to meet up and see his stable of cars.
I knew he was having some health problems for a while, but didn't know it was this bad.
RIP soldier, thank you for your service. Prayers for those he left behind. Maybe someday when I leave this life we will meet.
I haven't been around much lately and just read Stans signature.
I am sorry to read this. Bob was a nice and friendly guy and will be missed.


Have not been on for quite awhile and just learned of this, will miss all his stories and great things he was doing with his modern mopars. God speed Bob.