For Sale They're back: '67 300 and little bro in PA from same irascible fella

C Body Mopars For Sale

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    This one has see-sawed over the last several months from $7.5 k down to $5.5 k in another listing, and it is now back again at $7.5 k in a new listing. I bothered posting it for two reasons. 1. a lot of you drooled over it the first two times, notwithstanding an incorrect interior. It has a stable mate many of you also liked the first time around: A '66 Belvey linked below. Several mentioned the owner is cantankerous, to put it without profanity. But hey, maybe the cars are nice! Sorry to break guidelines on two posts in one--but it is a repost of two well regarded Mopars by the same seller; I thought it a worthy exception...

    67 chrysler 300 HP

    From Ebenezer...
    Colorado car runs and drives amazing, NO RUST ! Original paint and drivetrain.440 HP.
    Power bucket seats, power windows, disc brakes. Rare car

    And the Belvy:

    66 plymouth belvedere 11

    Very nice Colorado car, 383 4-barrel ,runs and drives amazing
    Alot of new stuff,drove it back
    Myself , nice cruiser.

    1 Chrysler (1).jpg

    1 Chrysler (2).jpg

    1 Chrysler (3).jpg

    1 Chrysler (4).jpg

    1 Chrysler (5).jpg

    1 Chrysler (6).jpg

    2 Plymmie (1).jpg

    2 Plymmie (2).jpg

    2 Plymmie (3).jpg

    2 Plymmie (4).jpg
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    Nov 10, 2013
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    The Mecum Bump strikes again... Frankly I don't see anything that special about the 300. Needs a paint job, wrong interior. 4 door, you can do better.
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    May 12, 2011
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    **M U C H **
  4. BeatersRus

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    Apr 17, 2017
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    both cars look good,esp that 67.
    not sure about those prices....
    i expect a decent price for a 4 door c body,but not a 4 door b body.

    the belvedere,only claim to fame is that 383..
    otherwise,i bought a 66 coronet more door for under a grand a few months ago w 39k original miles.
    white w red interior,paints not as good but its as clean as the belvedere.

    my friend also picked up a 66 monaco more door w 383 thats got a beautiful red interior but the bottoms rotted out of it w 46k original miles.
    im currently trying to talk him out of that 383 so i can install it in the coronet.