Think this would work for a C Body??


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Jan 14, 2017
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Northern Paradise

Hope you can see video...some say they can't without FB acct. A cool video of a hot rod on a lowering hoist to store under grade at house or is there room under house to drive further I wonder?
Laff... love how the roof goes down with the lift.
I wonder where this house is.

BTW I can see the video no problem without logging into FaceFreaks.
Wow, really neat! Just goes to show ya, if you've got the time , and the brains, and the Money....the sky's the limit........or in this case, the basement. (did somebody say osha?, SHhhhhhhhh.)
Just don't tell the Fire Department in your local district!

Who'ya gonna bribe for the building permit too?
Well maybe this fellow lives somewhere where people are really free! ...and... yes, I thought it was a davit too, before I watched the video. Surely he's incorporated some sort of drain-to-grade drain system or at least uses a sump pump. I think an alternative to having the roof lower with the car would be to let the roof stay where it is and have a reinforced ceiling drop down with the lift, to create another parking pad when the lift is in the down position. Would definitely need some sort of mechanical sensor circuit interrupter so no one accidentally hits the "up" button and crunches a car into the roof. That would make a horrible video!
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Well..., this is the best I can do for right now. THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS. - Wuddy ya gonna do... Time for me to crawl back into my hole now.., no elevator there either. :(
Yeah, my neighbors are sick of it. I wasn't able to get the car into my storage facility in time. The winter got here first, bringing with it its calcium chloride powder dust, salt/sand and overall nasty-ness to the roads. So, here it will sit until the spring rains clean the roads off again. At least the blue garage is bringing the property taxes down, I don't know why the neighbors are getting so irate.