Tie Rod Ends for a '62

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
So now I've been making a little "punch list" of things to buy once I get the '62 300 home in Santa Maria. So far I've acquired the FMJ body front disc brake setup that many of our fellow Moparians have added to a number of '57-'64 Mopars. Pretty excited about that, and with the right caliper bracket I'll be able to use 11.75" rotors!

Since my first job on the car will be brakes (cause believe me, it NEEDS them) - I figured I should probably do ball joints while I'm in there and also wire brush and repaint the frame. Also while I'm there - tie rods will be easy to get to. What have my forward look peeps done about this? Seems to be many options out there with MANY different price ranges. I've been looking for Newport components as the 300 isn't a letter car and it doesn't have the beefy suspension. Saw them listed on Kanter but I've never used them and wonder if anyone has had either good or bad experiences with them.

'68 has still been going along. A bit of a messy situation in life at the moment with my uncle who unexpectedly passed. He was VERY into cars, he was my go to guy on where to go in town to find parts or where to have things done. I am going to miss his wealth of knowledge! Nonetheless, I'm going to keep building cars and make him proud the way I know he'd be...

Seats just got picked up (front and back) for new upholstery. Carpet and headliner awaiting installation. The anticipation is real with this car! I plan to break it in and enjoy it before I put it up for sale. Still thinking on asking around $25,000. Attention to detail, and do it right the first time have been my mottos for this New Yorker and I plan to keep the same ethic throughout all my other car builds.