Timing and engine temp

What is rodding out a radiator?
As stated by other Elder Moparians, its a restorative technique involving de-soldering the tanks from the core, exposing the tubes top and bottom, then shoving flexible metallic rods, wires, springs or such into each tube to remove blockage. Strong acid or base solutions oft are used to expedite this process, and one can even duck one in a copper sulfate/ H2SO4 solution, run a current the right direction, (put your core on the negative or cathode side of the circuit) and restore some lost copper!

Good Old School radiator shops then will patch small leaks, sometimes remove a bad tube or cut it off past a bad leak and solder it shut, etc, then will coat the core to protect and seal it, solder or braze the tanks back on, paint it and call it good. I have had both of my 1965 2524984 radiators rodded out by a neighborhood shop and am currently happy to drive the second one, with the first needing some soldering done top it. These venerable radiators cool VERY well, and when one finally deteriorates beyond further rod restoration, I will get a new core from US Radiator. I dread the expense, but their radiators last for decades, and nobody cools better.
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This thread has got me thinking a lot about my temp issues on my ‘68 300 (440 engine). I will likely do a flush because the coolant has been in their a while.

Question about getting the radiator re-cored too. There is a local shop that does this. Anything specific I should do/ask to improve the cooling? I am sure the shop will have ideas, but wanted to ask all you sages here first.
Here we go!


After coming in a bit.
Thanks for that advice.

I did some research at myMopar.com in the parts books. It appears the 2785-942 is a 1967 rad for a 383. The 440 in ‘67 has a different part number. By 1968 it appears the radiator for the 383 and 440 are the same part number. The measurements do match up and I deleted my AC some time ago so I am going to use the spare one (my car is nowhere near parts matching).
I finally got to setting the timing with my timing light. The manual says 5 BTDC. The engine seemed to like a couple degrees more. around 7-8. It also seems smoother at the upper rpms. I'll see how this goes. I had it previously (by ear) set too advanced. Around 12.
My spare radiator checked out well. Picking it up today and probably have it in by this weekend for some cars n coffees.


Probably gonna get the old one reconditioned as well. Clearly having a spare in the attic worked out well for me. :-D
Out with the old…. In with the new! I am surprised at how easy of a project this has been so far.

Since it is all apart, I figured I’d install new hoses too. They will be here tomorrow.

The old:




And the new: