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Old Man with a Hat
Jan 22, 2012
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Pleasant Hill, CA
A few weeks ago I was going to drive a car, the Mustang, when I checked tire pressure and then it dawned on me that the tires were 30 years old. As typical only 10,000 miles on the tires during that time. So off to America's Tires 2 miles away from me for new WSW tires.

While waiting for my appointment I'm parked in the second slot just inside from the entrance with a minivan in the first slot. I'm sitting on the ground removing the wheel covers when I hear the sound of something pulling out at high speed with tires spinning. Then there is a loud crunch sound of a crash. All the shop runs over to the street side to see the vehicle in question, a truck, had smashed into the curb and then jumped it ending up in the next driveway. Roughly the spot where I would be if a driveway sooner. Another stupid idiot.

This was the first time this car has been out in a public place for a stretch of time. Usually it is on the road and then back home. While there a early 40's fellow pulls up behind my car in the stall to have his tires looked over. He must have a business in the area as they know him well it seems. He is driving a 2017 black Challenger. He comes over to me and asks original owner? No, second owner since 84. Original paint? No. Original color? Yes, pebble beige. Nice car.

Funny thing while still there two other guys walked up to me and asked the exact same questions. After I left I go down two blocks to get some fresh gas. As I get out the guy next to me driving a Denali and about 67-68 asks me the exact same questions. What is it today! Then he goes you don't see this or many old cars on the road anymore. I say we are keeping them in their garages to be safe from Bay Area traffic.

Before I'm done pumping gas another guy walks up and asks if the car is for sale. Ah, someone who has flipping in his mind as I look him over top to bottom. I asked if he sees a For Sale sign on my car? Right there isn't so no. Ok, gotta get out of here and on the freeway. Highway 4 should be good for a 40 mile drive and very few cars at 11:30 and it was. I forgot how enjoyable it is to drive this car. The 289-2V is a really nice engine in this like the 318-2V was in Mopars.

Coming home I'm passing by the fellow who did the Polara's vinyl roof and headliner. Let's drive by and see if the garage door is open. It is so I park and notice the 65 black Riviera in the driveway which isn't his. It has been a couple of years but Forrest recognizes me right away and tells me he couldn't find my phone number. Oh?

First, my mother-in-law had cataract surgery that didn't go well and did I know the guy? Yes, I did and next time call me first as I am in the book and could have given you better people. Second, I picked up this car and wondered what other Mopar lover might like it but I couldn't locate you. He shows me in the side yard a 1965 Valiant V200 convertible. Bought it from the original owner in the Berkeley Hills. It is red and that is the original color but repainted long ago in Imron. Top needs replacing along with both seats, door panels and carpet. Mechanically he says it runs fine. Oily and greasy underneath. He is not sure if 170 or 225. Manual drums and manual steering. Wow, manual steering in the truly twisty roads in the Berkeley Hills! Oh, and 3 on the tree and one roached passenger side rear quarter. Grade 4 car.

Bought for $1500 and wants to sell it for $4500. Says the $3000 profit will go to replacing the transom in his power boat. Told him that was definitely a bigger money pit in the long run. Asked if I was interested in a project? I immediately calculated around $3500 to do the interior and the top. I know no quarters are made so that means fabrication and he knew someone who would do it for him for $600 but quid pro quo on something he needs. I go nice car but no since the $4500 starts me in the red and then I'll go way into the red before done and I don't do that. The 3 on the tree will limit the market of that car.

He has been off work for 5 months due to rotator cuff surgery and just started back today. While there the phone is ringing off the hook. Several people stop by to ask about getting some work done. He is by himself now and his long time Mexican worker, who did furniture, passed away. His other long term worker left California for Portland because of Bay Area costs. Two upholstery shops closed in the local area and he can't find help for the overflow. Before I leave he wants to know when I am down on the Hornet as he wants to come by when I am there to show him around. I do go off the beaten track for some. During this time my son is talking to a 78 year old fellow who drove up in a black 1948 Anglia hot rod with huge tires in the rear. The guy did all the engine work and chassis work. He was telling me about some of the downturn in selling cars from the 40's and 50's now as his contemporaries were trying to unload.

This in black and no decals. When have you last seen one of these on the road?