Torsion Bars not working


Sep 28, 2021
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Charlotte, NC
Hey guys!
My son and I installed new rear leaf springs and shocks on his 1965 Imperial Crown. That job went okay.
Now that we are finished the rear end sits significantly higher than the front.
We tried to crank the torsion bars up a little bit but, nothing happened.
I ended up turning both sides a good bit but the front of the car didn't move.
It didn't go up or down.
Any thoughts?
Maybe the bars were adjusted really loose. Try cranking them some more. I have never seen this happen and I've had lots of Mopars with torsion bars.
The front end is pretty low.
I'm going to get a picture today.
I'm pretty sure I've turned each side at least 4 or 5 complete revolutions.
The front end is pretty low.
I'm going to get a picture today.
I'm pretty sure I've turned each side at least 4 or 5 complete revolutions.
Spray some penetrant and Keep going. Take a measurement from some point on the fenders to the ground on both sides before going any further.
You should also make sure that the rear settles in before adjusting the front. How about some pics?
To make it easier and to not snap a bolt, take the weight off the front end, lube all the threads of bolt and the cup socket where the end of adjuster bolt contacts.
How far from the lower control arm is the bolt head now?
The bolts can and do snap with great force if you force a rusty one with full weight. It is scary.
You don't need wheels hanging just jack it up enough to take weight off. You might be best taking for alignment if you need to raise it a few inches.
The "factory method" also mentions "bouncing" the suspension before and after doing any adjustments. That way, any residual friction in the ball joints and such will be less of a possible issue in where things end up. DO let the new rear spings "settle-in" for a good many miles before doing any final adjustments, as mentioned.

Yeah, I've done all the above suggestions.
Tried tires hanging, jacked up just a bit, all the weight down, one side at a time, etc...
I've bounced and jounced all sides, measured from the fender to the street. It actually went down a half an inch after cranking the bolts up.
I agree with jack the car, pull the adjuster bolts, clean on wire wheel, and reinstall.
Are the bolt holes stripped?

If the adjusters aren't stripped at the adjusting bolt holes, I had replacement torsion bars in a 68 Dart that were clocked wrong as far as the relation between the rear hex and front hex. The front of the car would not lift at all. I returned them and bought properly clocked torsion bars from Firm Feel.
I'm speculating that you simply need to jack it up and crank away, they go in quite a bit, probably more than half way.

My starting point is where the bottom (Towards the threads) just starts to break the plane of the control arm.

Forgive my asking, but we need a baseline for diagnosis.
Do you have the bars installed correctly? Correct for side-side, and possibly even for front-back?
You statement of "cranked the bolts up and the front of the car went down' is making me ask this.
For 'good' bars and installation, you should see a measurable difference from 3-5 revolutions of the adjusting bolt.
The torsion bars are factory.
This is a 1965 Imperial Crown that is almost completely original.
The adjustment bolts are not at the a-arms.
They are at the rear of the bars, in the middle of the vehicle.
All my cranking didn't seem to raise the car at all.
It's still sitting at the same height as before I started.
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On my '68 Chryslers the adjusting bolts for the torsion bars are at the front end of the torsion bars. Are you sure you're turning the right bolts? I think someone needs to post a picture. I'm not near my cars right now so I can't get one.
This is a full frame vehicle and the adjuster is at the rear of the bar.
He is correct. The adjusters on 1957 ,1958 Plymouths are towards the back of the bar too. As far as I know, all the full frame cars are like that.
Still need to roll it some to unbind the suspension joints, let's it relax and settle into new height.
He said they drove if after making the adjustment. I can't understand how the adjustment can make no difference unless the front of the car is sitting on the rubber bumpers or the adjusting screws aren't twisting the bars.