trunk seal / gasket glue - I need some


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Oct 26, 2018
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Parker, CO
Bought a new trunk seal / gasket. Didn't come with any adhesive. Bought it on ebay and the seller doesn't know what to recommend. Can someone give me some advice on what to buy?
ok. Thanks. Keeps snowing or really cold on the days I wanna work on it. I'll stop and get some of the above 3M this week. Cheer!
Thought I would pass on some tips.I agree that the black adhesive is the way to go.I put some masking tape just to the outside of where the seal is going to go to keep sealer off the paint.Apply sealer to trunk brush out with small brush.It should be a thin coat.Next put a small bead on weatherstrip.The sealer should be tacky on trunk by now.Once the weatherstrip hits the tacky trunk adhesive it’s a done deal.You can do a foot or so of the weatherstrip at a time to make it easier but be carefull to not get adhesive on paint it’s tough to get off.
Good call. I'll take that advice abbot the brush and tape. That's the story of my life getting something messy somewhere and regretting it
The 3M weatherstrip adhesive works great to glue gaskets in place also, I use it all the time at work.
I used a ton of masking tape & the clear 3M weatherstrip glue.
Make sure to glue the seal on the right direction is the only advise I'll offer.
I use "Contact Glue"
I apply a very thin coat on the car itself and a very thin coat on the rubber. I wait 5 minutes to come dry and put together. Sticks instantly. no tape.
l kinda like the caulking more work but l would get my seal where l want it...if you get seal in wrong spot with contact glue can get ugly trying to reposition the seal lm thinkin
I have used 3m weather strip adhesive but I also have used a general purpose adhesive its very close to the stuff u use when u use a cold patch on a tire patch I use the sme thing when I plug a tire .if it works on that then I dont know Y it wouldn't work to hold a the truck weather seal in place.