Two tone Chryslers-do they exist?


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Feb 3, 2013
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I'm updating some of the color and trim books for Hamtramck Historical.

Two tone Chryslers were available at least through 1969 but I don't know that I've never seen one.

Does anyone have a picture of a two tone Chrysler or a fender tag or broadcast sheet from a two tone?
I know of a 1970 New Yorker V02 car.
EW1 body with FY4 roof.

16 feb 2015 67' Chrysler Fender tag 003.jpghere you go! 67' Newport hardtop
B=black top, Z=gold 2 =two tone.

16 feb 2015 67' Chrysler Fender tag 003.jpg
unfortunatly not.
I photograph 69-70 B.Body tags but usually only "read" the 69-71 Fuselage tags when I have the chance to see one

good question.
Some points:

You need to have a lot of pics and know your codes to find reproduction tags. Those are often faked on genuine muscle cars. So you need to learn about specific details, ie what did a certain plant print on it in a certain model year or time of the year. The more information (FT pics) you collect the more you learn and can identify false/non original tags. That is needed in B&E-Body world (exspecially 68-71 models) if you like to buy them.

And Full size car Fender tags?
I have never seen a C-Body tag that looked remanufactured/reproduced.
Most of the C-Bodies are still very original. So the knowledge is usually not needed to identify false tags.
Another point is: Usually the hoods on C-Bodys are closed at our car shows so often you don't have a chance to photograph them. Mostly Muscle cars have their hood popped up.

I collected some C-body tags over the years (ie SFGT tags) or other stuff that I really liked but didn't document all fuselage Cs.

Fair enough, I photograph the tags to the cars I really like, always 69 to 71 Plymouths and Dodges