Vacuum trunk release 67 300, No cannister?


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Nov 9, 2020
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All: working through a million final little details on my 67 300. I have the vacuum trunk release on the car, hoses from trunk hinge through grommet on trunk lid, hose runs up the car under the sill plates and ends with no connection to anything under the dash. At no time was there a vacuum cannister with the car (maybe there was prior to me purchasing it) and there is no "release" button anywhere on the car. I assume, maybe incorrectly, that it should be in the glove box, though the glove box shows no mounting holes where one may have been at one time. The question is: Can anyone who has a 67 C body with this option tell me where the Cannister, if one came with the car, is supposed to be mounted? Firewall, or under the trunk hinge? A photo would be great. I have searched our forums and see pictures of the system for 66, but cannot find any for 67. Any help would be appreciated!
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Depending on the year and model, it will be somewhere in the engine bay. On my 66 it is mounted to the rear of the intake manifold, on the middle of the rear rail. I posted a picture in the next post.
In my 68 300, the trunk release button is in the glove box and the cannister is mounted in the engine bay in the passenger side fender in front of the wheel well. I will go out to the garage in the am and take a picture for you
FWIW, this is the same spot it is mounted on the my '70 Chrysler.
Same with my ‘67 Imps and there’s one behind the carb for the parking brake release.

Out of the parts book.
When I was doing this I used an electric version of the lock (23-19-105 above). Installed the switch in the center console. Wired it into the switched power so crooks couldn't break in, push the button and gain access to the trunk. I know it's not the correct version for 66. I'm not that concerned about having a 100% concours restoration, just want the car to run and drive with a few more modern features.
Just a bit of an update on this thread. I have seen the 66 vacuum set up (Ross) with the cannister on behind the air cleaner, and the 68 version with the cannister inside the fender. The 68 FSM shows the routing for lines. BUT, these are two different styles of cannisters, one has the air nipples on the top and one on the bottom. It would seem to my untrained eye that the cannister with the top nipples would mount on the intake, and that the one with the nipples on the bottom closest to the mounting tabs would be used in the fender, yes? Now Matt's diagram above shows tank 23-19-79 with the nipples on the top, which would seem it goes on the intake, but it says on the bottom of the page, that it super cedes 67 leading me to believe that the location of some or all of the parts shown has changed. Also, in a different post I saw that there were two clips on the trunk hinge, one on each side of the connector, but the diagram shows only one. (which Ross is trying hard to find ) The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that a 1967 300 has the cannister in the fender or the location is different dependent on the models. Also looking at the space on the intake on my 440 behind the air cleaner, not sure there is enough room there to fit one in. Sorry for rambling here, but I have both set ups, trying to figure out which one to use. Given the cramped space behind the air cleaner and the firewall and the heat generated in that area, probably best to go inside the fender. Guess I have some extra parts, no matter what! Cam Shaft