vintage pics of women & cars

No? Go start at page one. That was the original intent of that thread. Much of it is still with cars or bikes.
It's been a minute since I've looked at page one, my bad. I haven't seen a car in that thread for years.
Coney Island, 1932
Rita Hayworth (one of my all time favorite ladies) , 1941 Lincoln

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Seal Beach (Los Angeles), CA, 1917.

Thats pretty racy stuff right there ... lotta "calf" showing. :poke:

funny i see cars in all but one pic , but she was on a chopper , so 71p when are you going to post anything but words . just still pissing up a rope , post what YOU feel is worthy of this post , so we all can comment on your posted pic . here is one with just a driver and a chick . have at it !