vintage pics of women & cars

Ah, Sophia. 1955

Same shoot, in original B&W. clearly, she was the focus and not the hooptie.

1958 (?) DeSoto might lose an eye here -- to the tail lights or to that 50's cutie's "bullet bra"

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No idea where, looks like a 70's A body (body shape, brand markings, etc)-- except the door handle does not....

my pop's was marlin blue met with a white top . it was a tank with twin fours atop a 354 cad v8 . just alittle story about that cad , my pop was a paint n body guy , he found this car with the whole passenger side caved in and bought it . and this is how it got caved in , the owner dell was a drunk and was driving while drunk on a dark highway road one night , when he sees a cars taillights way up in front of him . so he's going to pass that car like it was standing still (his words) so he stomps the gas peddle to the floor and just as he's about to pass the car , he enters a fog bank , can't see anything , and suddenly the fog is gone and he's right on top of the rear of that car , so he hangs the steering wheel to the left and broadsides the rear of that car in the rear . so the cops come to the wreck and hand cuff him to his door handle , he asked the cop way he has been arrested , vop told him ''well you must have been speeding , because you hit that car with the side of yours and that car was traveling at 70 mph away from you . and i'm sure your drunk as well . so dell , had to sell the car and lost his drivers license and he did some jail time . this story was told to my pop by dell the cads former owner . doesn't have much to do with this thread . just a story behind a cars pic in this thread .

Look magazine, 1952,

Story bout "Okies in Caifornia" from the 1930's Dust Bowl migration. Here a Mom with her then baby daughter, now (then) a teen with a good life.

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Carhop, 1950's. Hotties in skimpy outfiits, principlally but not only selling food to men. Tried and true marketing formula ... even today,

Our "cousins" have epic (llike 3,500 posts over about a decade) thread going with MORE cars. (different theme but random google searches of "vintage car photos with women" lead there) with stuff buldging through hoods and sticking out of quarter-panel wheel wells. :poke:

Street Freaks, Customs, Rods, Street Machines...60's 70's 80's


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