Weird world of grease guns


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Sep 25, 2022
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Just thought I would ask yet another dumb question....this time on automotive grease, used in cartridge guns. When I was a kid, I worked on a pipe laying crew, and would grease the tracks of the big machines each morning. And, there were no cartridges, you just placed the end of the open gun in a tub of grease and pull up to load. Course, used several tubes each day, so my question does not apply to this early task. My question for those of us who have to own, store and use these things is this. On most types of grease, I have a leak of oil from the tube, and keep mine in a bag that will have a couple tablespoons of oil in the bottom, or on the floor. Have any of you found a grease that does not separate so easily in the gun. I have even tried Schaeffer, whose lubes I like, to no advantage in this. Any ideas from experience.
The "separation" seems to be particular to certain types/brands of grease.

To me, this situation is due to the heavier parts of the grease settling out and forcing the lighter, more liquid parts to the surface. In the 1lb tubs we had of GM wheel bearing grease in stock, almost all of them had liquid on top. Of course, it could be stirred back into the total grease with no problems. I always that was flaky, though, thinking that such could happen if the vehicle sat for a good while, unused.

I've been using Valvoline Ford-spec disc brake wheel bearing grease in my grease gun for decades. Little separation, but their synthetic version of such has minimal separation (used to be in a blue cartridge, but is n a gray cartridge for the past few years). Has moly in it, which is what the "Ford spec" is about.

I remember Dad buying grease "by the pail" for use on the farm. Kind of fun, but always messy to load the grease guns. Usually "local brands" a local oil company had done.

Started using a grease gun in 1965. I remember keeping a bucket under them as it hung from the overhhead reel.
FF to 2024 60 years later.
Walk out to my garage and my 2 grease guns (an Armstrong one and an air gun) are still stored in a bucket. Ugh.