Welcome, Blusmbl

Hi, figured I'd join! I know a couple people on the board already and are on the C body facebook groups too.

I've had my '68 Fury III for a couple years but it's been in my friends group since 2006-ish, and in a weird twist of fate it has a big block 727 in it from my first Mopar, a '67 Imperial!

It has an old school iron headed 440, 590 MP cam, 850 holley, a super loose 9" converter, a 4.30 geared 8 3/4 with Moser axles, a reverse manual valve body on the column, and a small nitrous kit. Have run it at Roadkill Nights the last 2 years and have ran it at Norwalk and Milan too, last pass with it was an 11.37 @ 118.



Thanks Jeremy! Unless you guys ended up changing it, your Charger and my Fury are transplant brothers. The engine in the Charger was from that same ‘67 Imperial!
Hmmm, I guess I need to take a photo with @Xenon 's green Imp then...
For those not quite following, my dad bought blu's charger and I inherited it