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Apr 9, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA
Born and raised in Los Angeles, my entire family being musicians or adjacent career wise. Got into the trucking business (electric trucks!) and learned more about trucks than I'd care to know tbh. Now I've got my grandfathers '68 Plymouth down from the family farm in Saskatchewan and need some help to finish resorting it as Grampa Hugh would have intended!

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Didn't realize when I was singing up that would be used for this! I guess I'll give a little more info here...

After two years of being delayed by Canadian winters and global pandemics - my grandfathers 1968 Plymouth fury finally landed in my driveway last Sunday. This is the car my mother road around in growing up - memories of a family trip to Yellowstone in when she was 7 or 8 years old, etc - My grandfather had sold it shortly after as I understand it.

Some backstory:
I grew up in Los Angeles, born & raised - However my mother was far from it. My mother’s family is from the “Great White North” of Saskatchewan Canada, near the border of Alberta. My grandfather grew up farming, and he and his brothers all farmed - cattle, barley, canola & more. And while my mother left to warmer climates fairly quickly, my grandfather kept his farm running to the day he died. That day was Oct of 2018.

One thing to understand about my grandfather that I only recently truly grasped - is that for most of my life that man had some form of cancer or another, and all the while never even mention it with a case of Coors light in hand, a chuckle, and a need to get back and check on the cattle “in case they’ve been struck by lightening.”

Cut to a year or two before his passing and he sees a 30 ft turquoise boat in a neighboring farm’s field. He thinks that has to be his car. Knocked on the door, bought it back, and got that old 318 v8 working again with his farm hand who was a diesel mechanic most of his life. Driving this haggard beauty through his canola fields was one of the last things my grandfather and my brother did on the family farm. I've got some videos of that I'll try and attach below.

Now if you’ve read the above, you probably realize I’m going to try restoring this thing one way or the other. That being said, I would appreciate any feedback on how to approach the tackling of this project and your thoughts on the current state of the vehicle. I've got videos riding in the Fury with my grandfather, and old photo of my mother and grandfather with it in the snow back in the day, and a photo of when he found it and was re-united. Also have some videos of under the hood and undercarriage I'll see if I can get on here. Let me know what you think!

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Welcome from North Dakota.
It doesn’t look too bad from sitting in the dry north.
Thanks guys!

My plan is to tackle suspension and brakes firstly, since that 318 is still kickin. Followed shortly by exhaust and mufflers (exhaust cracked off right before muffler and the manifold is the only bad looking part of the engine).

Suspension - spoke to the guys over at FirmFeel and I’m thinking of doing the full Monty with upper/lower arms, rubber everything, billstein shocks, and new torsion rods.

Brakes - Funny enough I’ve worked with cliff at classic tube for years at my job, so when I found out they had 68 fury stuff I called him up and have a set of hard lines for brakes and tossed in new fuel lines as well. ~3wks away.

I’m planning on sticking to manual booster and 4 drum, mainly just because f-it, and it’s original. That being said, I’ve got wheel cylinders, soft lines, springs etc, on order. HOWEVER, I’m a bit hesitant to order the drums and pad until I get this thing jacked up and take of the wheels. Unless anyone can point me in the right direction!