Welcome Justin Plant to FCBO!

Welcome Justin. And Welcome to Mopar. What car do you have that brings you to FCBO? I'm about 3 hours from you, but can give you some recs for shops/suppliers in our area.
Thank you all for the welcome. I purchased a 1975 Royal Monaco from Indiana. Filled it with gas and drove it home. Well, it didn't go that smoothly. The car was posted here with 44k miles on it. It is every bit as nice as i can be. I'm not at all displeased with the car. I drove it to Lexington Ky, and changed the oil, ignition module and voltage regulator. The wiper linkage bushings were shot, so I changed those and sliced the *&^p out of my hand. 3 hrs later, I've got some nice new stitches. The morning of my drove home 1 hour into a seven hour drive I changed both u joints in a gas station parking lot. O'reilly's had them in stock. After that, the trip went rather smoothly. I've got a 1994 Impala SS, and a 1970 El Camino. Neither car has gotten more gas station conversations or highway thumbs up like this one. It's something else. I'm so used to being able to pick up and catalog or getting on a website and ordering whatever I want. This is a whole new ball game. The only junkyard I can think of the may have anything is Leon Auto Parts north of Culpepper VA. but I haven't been their in years.