Welcome Thomas Sabath to FCBO!

I agree the electrical system can be a little frustrating at first, but if you take the FSM wire schematic, make copies and then color the circuits you are working on with the colors called out, it will help you better understand what could be happening. One circuit at a time. Electrical is just like plumbing it takes the path of least resistance, and sometime like plumbing you have a leak (short to ground) on something not connected. Wire schematic is key. There are large colored laminated copies of the wire schematic available for sale, but cannot find the link right now.

Oh and by the way the big hammer may be a little overkill for electrical issues. :lol:
Yes, it's just a matter of approach. I still have to install a hazard warning system and an isolating relay so that I can get the TÜV approval here in Germany. The hammer is just an opinion booster . Of course it is difficult to get the right things here from Germany. 4 door is something special here in Germany and then also a hardtop. Interior such as the back seats have to be renewed, as well as all door panels, handles inside and rubber on the doors ... but the body is perfect and the engine purrs like a cat.
Hi guys, here in Germany it is a little more difficult to get parts. I'll try it here. My 1965 needs new seat covers. For front and back. The wrong seats were installed in the front. Maybe someone still has some for a Chrysler 300 4 door from 1965 and would sell them. Maybe someone knows someone who still has something or a contact who sold seat covers. But first of all, the backseat bangs are paramount. Tom