What did you do to your C-body today....

Well..... I sold it. New owners are driving it home to the Philly area this afternoon.... now I have a Carlisle car corral spot I bought 2 weeks ago and not going to use...

Replaced the old school oil filled shocks with new KYB gas charged shocks on the BoaB. Also found the sway bar link rubber was pounded into submission so it got replaced as well.
Still has the shakes...grrr
Just heard from my Fury's new owner - made it home safe thru the hearvy storms, and they are at Dennys for dinner as I type. I told him to check fcbo.
Put on my rechromed mirrors, vent wings, and door handles. Surprised I remembered how to put all the guts back inside the doors! Also learned how to use the adjustment points on the window rails so everything lines up nice and tight and seals out the elements. Wish I could say I learned it before I put the door panel back on, but once on, I saw what was wrong and applied to second door before closing everything up. Then removed door panel to get access and line everything up nicely.
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Couple things I did in preparation for Carlisle... Detailed the engine compartment

Also the interior
And the trunk of course... but I didn't take any pics of that...
Everyone that owns a NYB knows what happens to the tail lights after x amount of years... The chrome detailing starts to wear off
well I decided to try something different. I got out the "Gold Leaf" paint and a fine brush and presto!
Took Lee over to the VRBO across the lake from our cabin. Family in town and more coming in waves for a week of Minnesota lake fun in Northern Paradise.
With Carlisle fast approaching, I've been getting ready for my annual pilgrimage. Got the NYS inspection done first thing. I didn't get a chance last month and it was overdue. A ticket for "uninspected vehicle" is over $100 this days, so spending $10 (old car price) is a good investment.

We noticed a stop light bulb that wasn't quite as bright as the other three, so I cleaned up the socket and put a new bulb in and eventually had it much better.

I've had a slow leak in the A/C system that I did. I haven't been able to find it, but it's possible it was one of the Schrader valves, so that got replaced and the system was recharged. I didn't get the charge quite right though... I think I overfilled it. But, I'm not satisfied I cured the leak (I think it's the compressor) so with any luck, it will have leaked down to the proper charge by this weekend. I've decided that I wouldn't be able to make a living as a A/C tech.

Topped the tank off with ethanol free premium... at the crazy cost of $3.44 a gallon. Geez...

Got a little wipe down with my favorite detail spray and the trunk has got some stuff loaded. I think I'll be set to go.
Drove it to my Office, as I have done the past week. Weather has been great!

If you look under the rear of my car, you will see how important I am!! :D

Blowing snow. . . Man! You ain't kidding. That is one cold knee-knocker you got there.

Freon is staying inside too! If anyone is contemplating any kind of A/C plumbing upgrades or new installations, Aeroquip EZ Clip is the ONLY hose system you want. It's more money than the crimp fittings but the only specialized tool you need is the plier to click the clamps shut. Squeeze, click, done, 2 clamps per end. The barb end of the fitting is on 2 o'rings to seal in the hose so if you messed up the clocking on an angle fitting, you can still twist the fitting in the hose after it's clamped.
Also the OD of the hose is much smaller than the conventional stuff so it can make tighter turns in tight spaces.

The condensation however is another thing. Leaking out of the corner of the unit. I had to mount it on an angle because the heater box is in the way of mounting it level and it still being under the dash. The drains of course are back from the corner and flat on the bottom. I'll just have to deal with it for now, no time to yank it out to fix it right.

Just to give you an idea of how much smaller the hose OD is.

That's a #6, #8, and a #10. 10 is the suction line, the #8 is the discharge line from the compressor to the condenser and the #6 goes from the condenser to the evaporator.

I got my Polara out of storage, swapping it with the truck. Got the Jack and Jack stands, but for got half the handle and my tools! :BangHead: The joys of off-site parking.
Yesterday I helped kill an oddball, the '69 Newport sedan, 383 2bbl 3 on the tree.


Got the pedals, Z bar, bracket and linkage between pedal and Z bar, for a future project down the road. I was taking it apart the correct way, and having a slow go at getting the pedals out, until I remembered this car is already dead, and I went "derby" mode and prayed away! I felt bad, but no one would be using the parts I bent or crushed. The car is Swiss cheese, and it's way beyond any hope.


Even got the tags off it for @69CoronetRT for his files.


I even grabbed the proportioning valve and pulleys for myself, so it gave more than I was planning on.

I talked to the guy selling the parts, and he's going to let me know when he gets any cars, and I'll pass on the info to you guys so we can save all the parts that people need. I'm not in this for the money, so I'll pass all pricing on to you guys, and he's been very good on pricing so far! He said up next is some '73-'74 New Yorkers, and he has to go look at a seven acre yard his friends relative owned, and he'll give me that report as well. I'm just trying to help out as many folks as I can. That was my day yesterday, helping out the members of FCBO!
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Since I'm not at Carlisle, I put a new wheel cylinder in the Polara. Rain is keeping me from installing the other side. Well, at least I got the window rolled up.