What did you do to your C-body today....

Looking good. The floor seems to be good and solid.
Thanks, yeah the story is the car was garage kept for many years and then was parked in a field for 6 years before I found it. The front of the carpeting was water soaked and ruined from a cowl leak. I tore that part out as soon as I got it home and sealed the leak. Been working on it gradually since then. Also, when I removed the rear seats, I noticed the plastic seat belt covering was still on it!
Took a short hop to the Italian joint up the street. 106 during the day but once the sun went down (still twilight for hours this time of year) it cooled down to 80. Nice to go about our business without all the mask rules. Food was pretty okay too.



I blew my '66 300 a kiss on my way out the door and showed her the new KYB shocks that were just delivered. I think she blushed.
Just been driving the Cicada daily. Got a part for the four speed car, hope to fire it this weekend. Fingers crossed.
I haven’t had Shamu out for a while, and had her on a trickle charger. No joy there, so I replaced the gel battery (it ‘fully charged’, but wouldn’t turn her over and was very warm after the trickle charger said it was done), so in went an Interstate 24. Good there, but the previous owner had wedged a plastic puke tank in between the battery and the driver’s side fender, so I now will replace it with an aluminum puke tank.
I also pulled the fender mounted turn signal indicator and will be reterminating the end that goes inside the bulb housing.


Changed my front shocks earlier this week. I noticed one of my “The Road Sensing One”(by Tenneco Made in USA) shocks was leaking. Likely because they sat on my stub frame for a number of years without moving, likely allowing the seal to take a set. I replaced both with KYB gas adjust. It took about an hour for both. I compressed the new ones with a clamp and zip tied them down to keep them shorter to get them in the towers. I also noticed the towers have a little relief on the front side allowing a little more space to get them in.
Even on the bench I noticed the KYB were a lot stiffer than my old ones. My old ones easily compressed (too easy). I was afraid that the KYB would be too stiff, but in reality the old ones were not stiff enough. What a difference in the handling. I don’t get as much front end movement on road bumps. Now I am considering my Monroe’s on the back to the KYB. The real test will be my 1,300 mile journey this week to the C-body fest in Illinois.
Finally after the big move North in 2016, (previous year or more getting the house ready for sale) and then getting set up here in the new house and property, then building a big shop, I'm FINALLY feeling the bug to drive the wagon again. So yesterday I put some insurance on the car and gonna drive and enjoy it this summer, it's been 6 years since I insured the wagon...where does the time go!
Reterminated driver’s side fender mounted turn signal indicator on Shamu. Signal wire at the bulb housing was poorly terminated. Pulled assembly, cut off wire, filed end of button that goes inside the housing, drilled the wire end of the button and resoldered. Installed assembly and tested. Turn signal now works with the headlights and parking lights off. Driver’s side turn signal stays on solid when either the parking or headlights are on. I will continue troubleshooting. Suspect a poor ground and will check first.

Passenger side turn signals work ok no matter the position of the headlight switch.
Painted 2 pairs of generic speaker grills to match the back panel in preparation for installing 2 pairs of 6x9 woofers. Just completed the 2nd coat, drying in the warm Texas sun now. This will hide the cracks in the original panel and make it look cleaner, less like an aftermarket install. Not to mention make my system sound more robust and full bodied.

Details like that make a big difference Dave. Post pics when its done.
Did you get to the Car show in March at Pier Park this spring? I had a good time.
Think I’ll be back in that area for the fall show also.
Did you get to the Car show in March at Pier Park this spring?

Naw, I don't live in PCB anymore, I moved last Halloween to east Texas to be with my wife. She moved out here to take care of her mom who had cancer. When momma died she stayed to take care of her dad, so I packed up, hooked up "the Turd" and headed west.
Sure, I'll share pics. Nice to know there's an audience for such things who appreciates that kind of stuff. Here's the bucket base subwoofer cannon I made to go in the trunk. Speaker grills for the doors are next.


Having the old Broadway tires removed and the new WW Ironman 235/75R/15's mounted this morning.
getting new tires 06_21_21.jpg
Installed the rear speaker grills and 2 pairs of 6x9 woofers onto the rear deck. Looks SOO much better now, also hides the humiliating hole where one of the factory speaker slots had crumbled and caved in. Had to use the paper template that came with the speakers to cut out a plywood "shim" so the forward speakers wouldn't touch the sheet metal from below. The factory hole was just a little to small.



Painting the grills to match the rear deck panel makes it look a lot better now, more natural, like it came that way. Now to do the same for the door speaker grills. Letting the paint cure overnight before installing.
Not actually what I did to my car today but earlier this week .Took rear door panel' s off fixed the stuck lock on driver's side & greased window tracks everything working good now.

Did the passengers side rear window also the track was badly rusted cleaned it up as best I could greased it up works better will need to remove the glass and such to do a better job.
Got car ready for ISWC (INTERNATIONAL station wagon club) meet in Canton,Oh this week.Was good turnout for the quick job the club did to reschedule the event from Virginia. Will post some pics.later.

But for the roof color that 62 wagon posted above looks just like Dad’s first company car seen here.