what is wrong with the forum right now?

Thanks John I am due for a phone upgrade so Apple wins again and I will add another dead phone/ipod to my horde. My last two phones have been converted to music storage devices and connected to my home sound system and to my daily drivers. Recycle reuse yay
Hit and miss the last 2 days with more miss than hit. Phone is only slightly better than home computer.
Delay is getting worse well over 25 sec to load page now. All other sites I goto load instantly. Received this message a few moments ago...which btw took over 30 sec to upload the pic

Same problem here. I've tried 3 different browsers, adblock off, no change. It shows something about a TLS handshake.
lots of hit & miss in the last days.


Just this site none of my other favorites

Glad I am not the only one...guess FCBO broke the internet....
Fast and furious now...go figure. Just like when your car is acting up right until you pull into the repair garage then its perfect. I blame the Russians..
Mine was good until this am. Phone and tablet very slow on this site. Both with and without Wi-Fi
It has seemed slower than normal to me over the weekend and this morning on Android devices and now on a desktop with Chrome.
Don't forget, Chrome is optimized to grab all your data first and then subject you to a slow, torturous, Death By Relevant Pop-ups

Alleviate some of the problem by turning off Smooth Scrolling.
  • In a new Chrome tab, paste the following into the address bar and then hit enter: chrome://flags/#disable-smooth-scrolling
  • Click the “Disable: link under “Smooth Scrolling”
  • Restart your browser

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