what is wrong with the forum right now?

If I close and reopen my browser (Chrome), it takes 5-10 seconds to load (slow). Once loaded, if I go to another site and them back, it loads instantly.
Using my laptop I've gone from original immediate page load to 3-5 seconds per page. No issue on other sites. Again not sure if it is this site or Windows update. For good measure the post reply button seems hit and miss also. I get an error message telling me to enter a valid message before it posts up.
joey, as a fellow IT person, i have to chime in - in that it is slooow for me also - these guys aint nuts. well, most of them are, but not about this. something about TLS handshake going on.
I had problems with it when trying to use it at work today and it's super slow tonight at home.
it ate some of my earlier posts last evening ^^ - but right now it is running like a champ.

it was hung on some fackebook hook :/ booo on that. I posted it ^^last night - but the post is gone :/
I've also noticed it's slow, today I clicked to post a reply and nothing happened. After about 10 sec I clicked post again and got the you must wait 15sec error. If the problem was my isp then would your server see the quick repost?