What is your daily driver?

Yeah Darter the GR 86 has it's challenges that's for sure. I find I'm really not missing mine
Before the RAV I drove an ‘02 Corolla for years, now my daughter has it. I had to move it yesterday and that was difficult to get in and out of. I just can’t do miniature cars anymore. The Challenger on the other hand was very comfortable, you actually get to sit upright, lol.
2015 vw passat tdi and 1996 silverado



I have owned multiple Ford Ranger trucks since 1994. There durability and electronics engineering is second to none and on par w/ any Asian counterpart. My preference is w/ 4.0 V6 w/ auto transmission w/ super cab option. Bought the last of the full truck bed Rangers in 1213. This will stay in my stable for at least 12 more years. The photo above was taken on my way to buy parts from North Collins New York in 2019.

We have three DD's. I have my 2012 Ram 2500 6.7L

Trip Home MO or IL 2012 Ram and 1969 Sport Fury 25 April 2013 1432.JPG

My wife's Summer DD is a 2019 Charger Scat Pack.

Scat Pack Front Left 21 July 2019.JPG

My wife's winter DD is a 2010 Dodge Avenger RT 3.5L H.O. I can't find pics of it by itself. This pic has the other cars except the red 2006 Charger SXT was sold and replaced with the Scat Pack.

All Cars 1969 Sport Fury 2006 Charger SXT 2010 Avenger RT 2012 Ram 2500 SLT 06 May 2013 1955 AC.JPG
Another Ford Ranger fan. Mine is a 2010.


And our 2019 Ford Edge. This is the second Edge I've had.

1999 Tahoe, ex-Michigan State Police Motor Carrier unit, 9C-1, 5.7L. three-seasons usage only (company cars in winter) since acquired in 2009.

Sport fury 8.png
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The family vehicle is a 2007 Chrysler T&C with about 129k on it. I'm looking to move up to something newer for it.

My dd is a 2006 Corolla, this is the 3rd one of this generation. I've put nearly 250k on the first two. This one I just bought last fall with 69k on it so it's got lots of miles left in it. The only thing I can say is I've had to put wheel bearings in all 3 of them.

Then the fun ride is the 68 New Yorker.

I miss my 89 Ramcharger and 96 Cherokee. They were fun rides.
I'm running 02 Dodge Intrepid as my DD, sometimes use 91 Lebaron with turbo and manual shifter.
My wife drives 06 Town&Country as family minivan.
Coming from mainly a GM family (I’m a lone wolf) my daily is a 2016 Silverado 1500 regular cab short bed with a 5.3 V8. Sounds good, picks up great AND bed is a perfect size for parts hauls.

Was a rare LT package, most of these trucks were just mainly utilitarian / work trucks. I put the chrome wheels on there and upped the factory 17’s to 20’s with the factory correct tire size. Looks a whole lot better imo.



*Ahem ahem* but I still consider myself mainly a Mopar man! Although I will admit I also love classic Buicks too…. Mainly Chrysler and Buick are my favorites
Mine is a 1999 Toyota Camry. 190K and counting. It's my third. I've owned a 97,98,99 over the years. Truly fantastic, simple, anvil tough cars.
Also have a 94 Impala SS, 70 El Camino. My wife drives a '15 Kia Soul 6spd stick.
Well, I've had 3 Hondas in a row before my recent Toyota GR86. The GR86 was my first Toyota. Had a 2000 Prelude, 04 Accord and 2016 Civic. I couldn't get another Accord after my 2004...... They gotten too expensive. The '16 Civic was absolute base model and cost me $19990. Let's not mention how much I paid for the GR86. Over 35K . It was a premium automatic so that added $3K over the base model. Unfortunately cars have just gotten so so expensive.
Mine: '05 Chevy Tahoe LT, loaded with all the options. I became a fan of the 1/2 ton Chevy 4x4 wagons after owning a '97 Suburban for over 18 years. Hands down probably the best vehicle I've ever owned, classics excluded of course. If it wasn't for the rust I'd still be driving it. Anything that needed fixed on it I was able to do myself. That meant a lot to me. The 5.3 LS motor is a beast combining torque, horsepower and decent fuel economy. I love it.

Wife: '05 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT fully loaded. The original minivan and still the best.

Son: '16 Honda H-RV AWD with Navi. He got a good job, saved up a nice down payment and got financing and insurance in his own name at 20 years old. So proud of him. I'm a fan of the Honda quality, durability & dependability of their vehicles. His classic is an '87 Chrysler LeBaron GTS.

Over the years almost all of what I have owned were Mopars. The exception being my first car, a '68 Mustang Fastback, a '71 Chevy Monte Carlo, the aforementioned Suburban & Tahoe, a '93 Cadillac 60 Special & a '97 Cadillac DeVille D'Elegance.
Fury & GTS.jpg
My daily is a 1990 Yamaha FJ1200 with a little more than 100,000 on it.
My rainy day vehicle is my 1996 V10 4X4 2500 ram truck or the '66 Monaco 500
As I live in town, my "daily driver" is either subway, commuter rail, or bus, so I'll call mine the "regular driver," which since 1996, has been my '92 Plymouth Acclaim. Since it lives in a garage, it has aged very well, and has seen 130K miles over the years. Several times I have told to get something newer, but I never seem to do it, and not having a car payment makes it easier to keep the others. I have replaced a lot of the components, but usually due to age/rust as opposed to wear/tear.

This Acclaim has two features that have vanished from small cars: 1.) the V-6 (yes, it's the Mitsubushi 3.0L but I have "one of the good ones") and 2.) a bench rear seat. These make it 1.) a bit of a sleeper, and 2.) ideal for carrying large keyboard cases, and other band gear. Smaller, and easier to load/un-load than a taller SUV. It is the back-up band car for times when I don't want to use my '79 Diplomat wagon. For a small car, it will carry a LOT, mostly from its inherent boxiness.

Besides, now that Plymouth is no more and it's an orphan, I feel more responsible for it.......

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MY DD is 2017 Ram 1500 5.7 hemi AT 4wd. My wife and children DD Dodge Nitro 3.7 4WD. We own 3 Nitro's. Great trucks! I'm Mopar or no car.
2017 Ram 1500: Like the truck: drives like a race car. Styling is superb. Cab room is excellent.
*Hate turning the knob to shift the trans. I want a shift lever.
*Hate Sirius radio. Got that service disconnected. Still local radio comes on every time I start the truck. I have to turn it off AGAIN every time. I want radio to stay off unless I turn it on. No CD player sucks. Satellite connection is privacy invasion.
*German SR8 trans, so no way to check trans oil under-hood.
So some gripes, but I'm keeping my race truck. :thumbsup: RAM
2004 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab 4.7 V8

20200527_145359 (1).jpg
mostly Mopars for me. My 2012 Dodge Durango R/T when I picked up my 2019 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack 392. Retired, sold those and replaced with one vehicle, a 2022
Jeep Grand Cherokee. I actually miss the Durango more than the Charger