WANTED Wheel trim rings for 1970 300-H

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When it comes to those trim rings, I'm still in a buying mode.

Very nice is quite tough to come by. Somehow they manage to get dented up over time, even though they really shouldn't. Even my nicest set still has some minor dents in most of the rings.

No, you just have to keep your eyes on the usual spots: facebook and ebay.

A friend just picked up a set of 4 road wheels on facebook for $80, so they are still coming up for sale on a somewhat regular basis. Of course, there's always Carlisle and the Nationals too.

I ordered a set off Amazon. They’re far from correct, but hopefully will work until I can find a correct set. By my measurement, they are 1 7/8” tall, and that’s a hard size to find. Also finding a set with the valve stem hole in the center is almost impossible in that size.
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Is there any place that can restore trim rings???? dents, the brushed look and polish????
We have a local guy that does amazing work in that respect. Only problem is I only have 2 trim rings.
Jon, this just occurred to me that you might not know this: The lug nuts on the driver's side of older Mopars are Left Hand Thread, so beware if and when you remove those wheels. This practice stopped around '71 but your car definitely came from the factory with Lefties. The studs were marked L and R.

Unless........someone, somewhere, at some time in the past 52 years unknowingly hit those Left nuts with a 200 ft-lb air gun and wrung 'em off. If THAT happened, the studs were likely (but maybe not!) replaced with Right Hand items. So again, beware of that.

This was common knowledge in the 60s/70s for anyone working on those weird Chrysler products, but today it you were to take your Hurst into Tires-Depot-R-Us, the young guy with the gun would have zero knowledge of this. We see this subject all the time on this and other Mopar forums.

In the pics of the studs below you an see the L on the left side and R on the right side.
Best of luck with finding those two correct rings. :thumbsup:




Many of the 15" trim rings I see are only 1 5/8" deep. I measured mine to be 1 7/8" deep. Are the shallower rings going to fit? Will 2" deep rings fit?
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