Where can I find an early Holley Dominator accel pump arm?


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May 14, 2014
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utica, mi
I have one, just need to find one more that matches. PM please. Thanks!
wanted one holley accel pump lever exactly like this.jpg
wanted - one holley accel pump lever exactly like this..jpg
wanted  one holley accel pump lever exactly like this.jpg
Try going to:


Go to the product section, click on fuel systems, then click on carburetor components. Small parts are listed there.

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They sell this, which is not for an early dominator...
The pivot hole is located differently.
Might some "select fit" bending of the newer part result in similar leverage to the old part? Or will there be some interference with the pivot area due to the slightly different pivot hole? Just curious.

Perhaps you need a Holley Variable Spec Manual to get the part number for the arm from their parts list for the carb number?

Any conversations with the Holley Tech LIne?

Mine is actually longer, too, so it's more than just the pivot being off.
Holley said they don't carry it. They made very few with this design. Most all you see are those large arms that look like a flap.
I concur that it would be best to find the needed item, but the other side of things is that it started out as a flat piece of metal, then shaped and bent. In that metal thickness, it might be a little hard to do it without some metal working "breaks" or other machines to get the bends and such. Possibly best to look for the item?

I agree - if I can find a parts carb, that would be great. Making one is an option. I have the one I can copy!
I'll send pics of the arm to the Allstate guys. I'd think they would have parts carbs sitting around.
Here's an early ad for the Dominator, showing the accel arm.
Thanks for the replies!
WTB - VINTAGE 4500 Holley Dominator for parts.jpg
Doesn' necessarily have to be bent. I've seen some welders make small parts with 90 degree welded joints.