Will 1970ish 15x6 Chrysler steel fit 1962 300??


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Nov 27, 2022
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Larkspur, Colorado
Later this week I’m going to pick up my new acquisition’62 300 Sport. Likely going to need a couple rollers to get her on the trailer. Will the 15x6 stock steels (I think these are from a 71 Chrysler) fit the center register hole on the 62? Just want to make sure so I don’t have the big surprise that kills another day.

Super excited to purchase this car. I grew up in the 70s with an identical twin to this car that my grandfather had. I will post some information and pictures on the car when I get it home.

Look forward to spending some time on these forums,

Steve weim55 Colorado
Yes the 15’s fit. Keep in mind that car has 12” drums so not all 14” wheels will fit over them.

congrats on a neat car. Photos please!
Thank you for the help! Nothing worse than driving 500 miles and finding out you’re dead in the water for a small difference in Wheels.

I will do an introduction post with some pictures once I get the car home next week…..

Steve weim55 Colorado