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    Mar 11, 2017
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    I had this working radio in my '68 VIP 4 door hardtop that I sold a few years ago. Technically it is for a '67 Fury as the face plate says "TRANSAUDIO" whereas the '68 AM/FM says "PLYMOUTH".

    There is a scratch in the clear plastic lens that looks worse in the photo than it really is. The lens for an AM radio is the same. Factory connectors in tact. Missing an access plate on top but that did not effect how it works. This is an AM/FM Mono radio. It is not a stereo radio as an AM/FM stereo radio was not available in '67 or '68 Furys. Questions welcomed.

    $300.00 shipped within the US. I will ship worldwide. I take PayPal, checks, money orders or cash.

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Thread Status:
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