WANTED WTB: Drivers-side Fender, Rear Quarter Panels 69 Chrysler

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Mar 11, 2021
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Ludington, MI
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Looking for the driver's side fender and both rear quarter panels for a 1969 Chrysler; for a Newport. Ideally NOS, used but nice works too, ready to go (can't say I'm equipped to tear down something myself) and somewhere near Michigan or willing to ship :) As of this point, availability of pictures is a must so I can at least try to confirm the offer is legitimate.
Amusingly, I gotta say; I love the warning before making the post :) I had hit up a few FB groups looking for the parts and I'm inundated with brand new accounts, questionably misspelled dealer or groups recommendations, all sorts of "text me" requests, and the occasional "I have the part;" "OK, can I get a pic?" "Oh, uh, it sold already, never mind..."
I'm not in a hurry for anything, but I want to try and get the parts pulled together, and ideally get as much as I can in one go.
Not a 69 but isn't 70 still close?

Not a 69 but isn't 70 still close?

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Appreciate the tag :D So the 69, 70, and 71 are VIRTUALLY identical in most respects. "Trouble" is one of those differences, the 69 body panels have those turn indicators below the trim line, where the 70 & 71 have them above the trimline. For my purposes it won't work, but I do appreciate the thought!!
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