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Chris I believe I may have the quarter panel trim pieces you are looking for. There would be two pieces, one long one and a short piece at the end. They have some nicks and scratches but can be repaired. Do you want me to get you pictures?
Very nice! I have have a 66 Newport. That rear bumper is a giveaway. Looks clean. Thanks for the share.
Hi mr My65cuda
New here. I live in Vancouver BC. I Just love cars not in business. I’m looking for an old C body I noticed you have been in touch with the guy in Alberta with the 1959. If (and only if) you are finished negotiating would you mind giving me his contact information.
Thanks for your time, Chris
Welcome to the forum!! Ready for a diesel-powered '73 Newport? Getting ready to put mine in storage for the year, but I can part with it if the price is right. I have had my fun with it........
Hi, I am having an issue with brake lights On my 65 custom 880 convertible. I installed Wilwood front disc brakes with Wilwood proportioning valve. It has the wires in the front of the proportioning valve that would hook up to the brake light. Not sure how to do this anybody got any ideas? Not sure where the wires would get hooked up. I purchased a new brake light switch to go under the dash not sure if I need it?
Hi, How about the cars history? pix of engine bay, fender tag, What was done to the engine and why? Know any transporters? Will engine be installed for transport? Mike in Wisconsin
I posted the engine bay and RPO tag photos on the listing. The car was an "ordered car" by the original owner in Pittsburgh PA. Due to word limits it is best for you to call me. 917-566-2621
Looks good! I'll do it. Give me a name and address to mail and address the MO to. I'm just installing a 1405, and this will be perfect for it.
Hi There Mr. My70 monaco, from a thread there is a photo of you and Al Sproule, would you happen to know what type of rims he had on his Polara back in the day?
Much appreciated if you can help.

I go to a junkyard about once a month, if you are still looking for parts, and are not in a hurry, let me know, I can look for you, next time I go to the junkyard. thanks willie text 5012586362 I am hard to reach. Send me a list. I am in central arkansas
can you send me your address again, I think I have it some where written down, but I can not find it. And I deleted the PM you sent to me .