Have owned c-bodies since 1994, 69 Dodge Monaco, 2 1973 New Yorkers, 73 Dodge Monaco, and now a 1970 Fury III convertible. The 70 Fury is the only one left. Plans: 440/727/8.75, also replace dash. Projects so far completed, power brakes, front disk brakes, eliminated a ton of electrical gremlins, replaced green front seat with 72 white front buckets, rear seat recovered in white to match, white vinyl paint on door panels, black carpet, hide-away headlight grill installed and operational, carb rebuilt, intake reinstalled. So far the 318/904/8.25 set up is working OK. Money is short for the 440 upgrade. Have the dash, and I'm going to work on that next. Have the 440, needs complete overhaul. I already rebuilt the 727. Have the 8 3/4 and driveshaft. Getting there, slow but sure.
Richmond, VA
Expense Accounting