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Hi Everyone,
Can you advise me how to post some photos of my car on the web site
Many thanks
Wiggy uk
There is a "Garages" section in the Forums tool bar. Otherwise, at the bottom of a message, there is an icon to punch which will let you "choose files"/pictures to load to that particular comment in the thread. There should be a "Start New Thread" icon in the upper toolbar area, too.

You realize that you posted this message to my Profile page rather than in the General Forum?

Take care
Hi Marty, I'm new to the Mopar field, mostly Chevies, but I acquired a 55 Chrysler St Regis and am in the middle of making a list of needed parts so I got your name from the club. To start I am really going to need a padded dash pad, mine is a goner. I'll be getting back with you when I get my list made up. thanks Tyke