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    2 Hurst 300 Chrysler's On Counting Cars.....

    Like the show , but the fake drama is an insult to people's intelligence
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    For Sale Plymouth emblem. Free.

    We shall see if the holes are een the ,same 95 mil. Between 1and 2 and 115 mil Between 2 and 3
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    For Sale Plymouth emblem. Free.

    My pics are too big to load . Maybe tomorrow, some one with an older one could use it more than i do . I was going to weld the holes shut
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    For Sale Plymouth emblem. Free.

    Well I think that emblem is older than my 68. Too cold -34 to go back to the shop and get pics of the holes tonight , tomorrow maybe . But here it is , 68 fury 11 ,( not worth saving, but doing it anyway) but it has a hood off a fancier one , but no emblems ,
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    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    I put the wheels VS hub caps on the 70 newyorker , made a total different car out of it.
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    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    Headliner ,yuk, heater control and vents broke , and a little loose on the hwy
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    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    Have another , same car , just blue , that I bought because it had a set of 15Inch road wheels , 125,000 miles , runs good too. Just not having much luck getting its pic up right now
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    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    42, 000 org. Fury 2 plain, radio delete, mint black interior
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Thru the years 68 newport 2 dr. Never go wrong. Passed a beauty up this summer, because it did not have AC , it was on here. Stupid . 68 Newport Best taillights tied with the 68 300. Nowadays a 66 polara 4 dr. Has my attention, I can see now how old guys like me and up with 15 cars in...
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    Not sure what happened to my thread If this is in the wrong place let me know.

    Did I miss the VIP pick somehow in the thread . One showed up on kijiji localy lasted 3 hours VIP , 2 dr . 68 2 dr. 23 hundred Canadian$ Rusty rear , badish but could be worse interior , other than that not bad. Snapped up quick, always loved the the blue with black top in the 68...
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    For Sale Nos freeze out plug / expansion plugs

    Are they various sizes or one size? I had a hard time even at the local napa Finding the correct size for a 318 head
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    The Formal Photo Thread

    I had no.3 exact same , bought it at Patrick Dodge in Saskatoon Saskatchewan., 3000 $ cdn used , had a great story the dealership owner had owned it. Whether it was true? It was nice , but troubles , head gasket, then passenger glass shattered closing the door , seat latches screwed up...
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    A deal I couldn't Dodge, so here's what came a waggin home

    Jackpot on the interior , wow . From Unity sask. Not far away. Hope to see it sometime. Edit I though it was coming this way , dam. Wrong direction..anyway Golden is not that big , talked to a guy in a parking lot , passing thru .there with a sweet 67/68 ford ltd 2 dr., taking his mom...
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    1970 Chrysler Town&Country Wagon/ Chrysler Family Cars 1969-73/ Czech Republic

    Beautiful wagon great color , and the 2 door I am sure was featured in the brochure. Nice job. I have a 4 dr 70 NY a bla beige, it was pretty bad until I compounded it . Came out nice.