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    Runs TOOOO Hot for my Liking!

    Calling for a Pow wow from the Best and the Brightest - Overheating.
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    Runs TOOOO Hot for my Liking!

    It's the head gaskets.
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    Epic Whoops thread.

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    Ever straightened a bumper yourself?

    I've done it on a 20 ton press. Go slow and small changes, check your changes often, to the point of it being tedious. Anything you're going to see should be supported with hardwood when contacting the press. Perhaps dense rubber. Heat is also your friend if you have it.
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    Antique polio vaccine the last living polio victim

    We haven't met but I'm one of those. Being the sole source of income for my family, if something happens to me under "emergency use" my family would have no recourse. None. They passed additional indemnification for the vaccine companies before they started this the jabs, and since none of...
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    Umm... Joey, my thread got locked

    Well.... There's always the cbodycrydock... I see Dav has been over there lately.
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    Front disc upgrade

    As an aside the factory caliper bolt holes are 6 and 7/8's of an inch center to center. Should you ever wish to go that route.
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    Front disc upgrade

    You can piece a system together. The issue becomes the caliper bracket. They don't make one. The hubs are close enough to use on the factory disc spindles so you'd have your choice of rotors. I ditched the factory rotors, machined some '14 MKZ rotors to fit. Then I made caliper brackets on...
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    ‘67 Monaco LHT wheel studs

    I wonder if these are close to the dimensions needed for these mopars??? The price is right. Hub Lug Stud, Left Hand Thread, 1941-1971, Willys and Jeep | Jeepster Man Inc *edit* nope won't work. Knurl is too small.
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    '60 Suburban at Bonneville

    Just the start up and idle video, they never showed the run. But I love it. Video;
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    Cousin Polara Dave

    You should ask for your money back there goldy member...
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    RIP Dusty..

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    RIP Dusty..