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    Bought this 1974 Imperial LeBaron 4dr today

    Very Nice ! Love those Blue pillow Seats !
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    Proper 69 Chrysler 440 fuel pump

    Why do all the replacement fuel Pumps (Big Block) come with Two gaskets ? I have noticed this for several years now,various brands too.
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    Carb. Spacer thoughts

    Any good recommendations for a Carb.spacer for a Carter AFB (1966) ? I had a brief stalling issue after a hot start the other day during a 90 degree day.
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    Welcome, Imperial 1966

    Welcome, I have Two !
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    Fuel Pump Pushrod '66 Imp.

    Ive' had long cranking when cold for a few years now. I decided to replace the Fuel pump and removed the push rod for inspection and look what i found ! The Wear is on cam shaft end. I will install my spare rod and hope for some results.
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    81=83 efi parts

    Agree ! Once it's Gone it's Gone.
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    DWELL Question

    I used Vintage Filko point set and USA Condensor, I Gapped the Points . Got 30 Dwell @ Idle and when revved Dwell went down to around 24 Degrees. Car has a slightly rough idle.This is an Original Never rebuilt,Distributor 2642252 on a stock 440. I will start a Private conversation with you .
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    DWELL Question

    My '66 Imperial,(440) has dwell of 30 Degrees at idle. If a rev the engine the dwell goes down to about 24 degrees. Is my Distributor worn ? A complete Tune-up was recently done. Dist. is original (2642252) with about 115,000 miles. any thoughts ? Halifaxhops are you out there. Thanks and i...
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    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    I use this Product in my 440 's, Not Snake Oil ! Along with Non Ethanol. gas.
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    Best Free App for GPS for an Android Phone ?

    Best free App for driving directions on a Android phone ? Thanks
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    NOT MINE 1967 Imperial convertible

    Another Beauty !
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    Upholsterer has my seat - unresponsive

    Good for you !