Love cars, still own my first car, 49 Ford coupe, bought in 1970 63 Plymouth Savoy , dad bought in late 63, I bought from him in 71, owned 50 years, took my driver test in! lost verginity in ! 63 Sport fury covertable 383 ,4speed, 72 Town and Country wagon, factory vinyl top,pull my camper with it, 79 300,Ttops, wifes summer car since 1988, just did complete paint, 81 Imperial Frank Sinatra with factory sun roof, one of about 50 built, 90 Chrysler Maserati TC, my summer go to work car, 95 LHS, my winter beater, still nice though, 02 300M Special , wifes car, 53 Buick Skylark convetable, 57 International A100 Golden Julbilee pick up, 100th anniverary modle, luxury truck like Chevy Camio. thats my 73 Imp coupe with the factory sun roof that Russ bought from me that you guys are all ape shit over, Im having sellers remorse !!

Any old car !!
Beaver Dam Wi.
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