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    73 Monaco wagon

    Nice work as always, glad to see your updates!
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    My 1966 Chrysler Town and Country

    Very nice, love the wagons! Keep us posted on any work, please. Thanks for sharing.
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    Pertti's 1970 Imperial Lebaron

    I like it, enjoy!
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    My 73 Newport finally out and about!

    First,CONGRATULATIONS! You did a very nice job and should be proud. Next, thank you for bringing her back and getting her back on the road where she belongs. Enjoy!
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    More to come!

    Hi Ben, You are correct! Glad to say I am more excited about this car than any of the others I have owned with the exception of my first car….. a 68 Plymouth Satellite.
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    More to come!

    Thank you for the kind words! I am trying, but it has taken me a lot longer than I anticipated. I am trying my best to get her back to a good driving dependable ride. She deserves to be back on the road eating up miles, instead of rotting away frorm neglect.
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    JJ's 69 300 Restoration

    Very nice!
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    More to come!

    I believe it was a fiberglass filler.
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    My new '67

    Very nice, congratulations!
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    New member of the family

    Congratulations, nice car!
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    More to come!

    A lot! Unfortunately, the vinyl top allowed them to take a short cut on the finishing, compared to one without a vinyl top. I was very lucky on my car. Had some heavy surface rust on the front, but no serious issues or rust through.
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    More to come!

    Step 3: Rust Neutralizer Step 4 Primer & New Roof Seam Filler Step 5 Second Primer & Filler Sanding Sand Primer & Spot Putty Step 6 Paint Top Before anyone asks....... No, I am not painting it yellow, or turning it into a taxi (go broke buying gas). This was left over and I just...
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    More to come!

    Step 2
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    Restored: 1968 Chrysler Instrument Cluster

    Very nice! Keep us posted on future updates and changes. Looking forward to watching your progress!