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    69 300 Convertible

    Regardless they are coming to you because mine work fine on my car and I want yours to work also. PM me if you want them. Wisconsin to Cali. to TN back to Cali. I been around ya know as Al P say's.
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    69 300 Convertible

    Ok Jason A, I have a left and right latch, they do not match completely but are dead on in so far as size and shape of the mechanism and brackets that mount to the windshield header. I don't believe that these are my original brackets anymore but are latches that the 3rd owner got from someone...
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    69 300 Convertible

    I have the original set of latches that were sent to me from the third owner who contacted me on this forum. I don't remember their condition when I opened the box and looked at everything, but I will check them today. these are off a 69 Polara. He changed them for some reason so this pair might...
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    Time to get up Ruby

    Good point John, that's exactly what has happened to the tires on the car now. I drove the car maybe 2800 to 3000 miles on those tires before parking it. New house other projects and interest, working away from home next thing you know its 27 years later and I got rotten tires that hold air (so...
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    Time to get up Ruby

    What's the biggest tire that could be put on 14" steelies for 1964 Polara? I want to get the car back up on her feet again so I can roll her in and out of garage and work on this winter. Back in 93 or 94 I put Creager star wires and 15" tires on her and I never liked them (the rims) too hard to...
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    Cut and Buff 50/50 - Amazing!

    Your enthusiasm inspires me Isiaih, I get a lot of satisfaction restoring these Mopar's or anything else that I restore be it an EM pinball machine or rotary grass mower that needs no gas, or an old console stereo phonograph, it's great to see you on this forum. I'm watching you and like your...
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    Dealt with this last year when I started to go through my electrical condition of my bulkhead. Found considerable corrosion in the bulkhead and fuse block, check these areas definitely and clean as others have said. Make sure your bulkhead connectors are not broken, brittle or not able to secure...
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    Oh my, great thread. Glass verses soft. Can I put glass in my 69? I hate my soft rear window. Can you have one or the other or is it year specific? Zipper in and out no matter what you have? I'm trying to learn the complicated mechanisms of these fuselages convertible's; I Would Love to Have...
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    Newbie Fury Questions

    Take a car (MOPAR) knowledgeable friend with you he or she might see something you don't, and wear your poker face no matter how excited you are bout the car. You can always walk away if you see something you don't like or hear said during your visit.
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    Newbie Fury Questions

    Does anybody remember those A-body Barracuda wheels that got recalled?
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    Newbie Fury Questions

    Not sure from pic but they remind me of Hot Wheels, very cool looking. Can't tell if their hub caps or rims from the pic really. Personally, I would like either black walls or the white walls on those wheels.
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    Made another Move

    How in the hell do ya get a dent in that trunk lid like that and those front corners look perfect still after all these years. Well almost I see a horizontal crease on the right behind bumper just under the body line.
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    Jesus H Christ I want that white bulkhead connector.
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    Newbie Fury Questions

    Right rear back bumper angle to the body angle just looks off to me, definitely take a mag. with you like Phil said. Cool ass wheels on her though.
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    Carburetor Fuel Evaporation

    I'm using 100% straight unleaded with some octane boost, hoping I get close to 90 something. thinking bout trying some racing fuel. but I've had no probs so far with my mix, TN, 383 4brl,eldebrock, ele. choke, electronic ignition conversion, correct MOPAR spark plugs from factory made by...