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    (never mind)

    Well. . . Now that we got this thread going, how's yer ass?!?
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    1977 Chrysler town and Country had to go....

    I'm sure the complaining neighbor's name was 'Karen'.
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    Original bill of sale

    My father worked there as a salesman in the mid-sixties.
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    WANTED 69 polara/monaco

    Would a running and driving '66 Chrysler 300 fill the bill for you?
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    Thoughts on a 64, 413???

    Apparently, the original poly was replaced with an LA 318, unless the OP is mixed up as to what an LA is vs. a poly. . . If the poly is still there, I would definitely not replace it.
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    I painted my first car today!

    And then. . . Wax on. . . Wax off!
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    Things go from bad to worse (and just when they were looking up)

    I suspect that if your trans was rebuilt 60K miles ago, it is fine. As @cbarge suggests, adjust the bands, change the filter and fluid. The 727 is a stout transmission - probably the best at the time it was manufactured - as compared the others (GM, Phord, etc.). Also, after you start the...
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    Chrysler Auto-Temp II Tester

    I think you should talk to these guys: @73 T&C and @saforwardlook. . . Lots of experience and AutoTemp II know-how.
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    UNBREADED! '71 Monaco Wagon

    I know there's a hose here somewhere. . . Way-ta-go on the car!
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    Resurrection of my 1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible

    James! You are my new hero. Amazing work and extraordinary perseverance!
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    Fan shroud finish

    I would clean it really well, spray it down with 303 and wipe off the excess with a micro-fiber towel.
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    1962 Chrysler newport four door sedan

    Go here for a free Service Manual and a Parts Manual: Service Manuals – MyMopar And welcome to FCBO! Rip
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    I painted my first car today!

    >>Final colour will be jet black<< You are a very brave man. . .
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    A beef about car show judging categories. Your take?

    I saw the inside of yer trunk once. . .
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    NOT MINE 64 300 On FB

    Maybe someone can take a run at decoding the fender tag. It shows a '52' under the AB position, which I think is associated with the engine.