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    67 Monaco Dash lights

    Thanks for all the advice. The issue was the separate dimmer wheel on the dash. I was able to get the darn thing out of the dash and cleaned up. It works now but only in one position. But, at least I have dash light now. I should probably send it out to Devinsim for a complete overhaul.
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    67 Monaco Dash lights

    I just took delivery of my "new for 1967 Dodge Monaco 500". Its a one family car from Illinois. I have a "no dash light" problem. The headlight switch turns on the headlight . The dome lights all work with the door open.. Could it still be the headlight switch? Anyone have any suggestions on...
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    59 dodge input needed

    If you decide to pass on it, please let me know. I have been looking for one of these.
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    Triple colored cars

    Red and white on black Ross that wagon is amazing. Is that yours?
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    I want this

    59's are unappreciated. This 59 Saratoga has a lot of flash....especially the two-tone inset
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    For Sale FB Interesting Finds

    I like them all ......
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    I just couldnt leave her behind

    Here's one just like it that I picked up earlier this year. Low mileage, amazing find.
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    Forward look trim light box

    Thank for the heads up on my inbox. I'm thinking about that light box.
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    Forward look trim light box

    I might be that sucker you're looking for. Send me a pm with details.
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    Latest barn find

    Ok, What is MCACN and where in Illinois?
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    Latest barn find

    I'm on the same page as you. I think the bumper wings take away from the cars' lines. I would definitely not pay the kind of money they get for them. Now that Sports trim is a different story..... He's a picture of my 30K mile 1958 Belvedere that was pulled from an old ladies garage in Greenbay...
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    1959 DeSoto

    73Coup, I wanted to give you my contact info, but the PM I sent said your inbox is full. How do I get you my number?
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    1959 DeSoto

    So, is the 59 Firedome still for sale? I did a search and could not find it.
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    1960 Suburban

    It seems the Slant 6 was commonly found in 60 Plymouth wagons. Mine has it and I wish it had a 318. So I did a little mod under the hood.
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    1959 DeSoto

    I think its coming up at auction in the near future. I just can't remember where I saw it. Stay tuned....